Following footage released by Fox News only hours ago

I’m not ready to call Hillary’s e-mail scandal “beating a dead horse”. Mostly because the horse is far from dead.

I remain undecided as the election rolls closer, and the fact that these e-mails are so brushed over really irks me. I’m not calling for jail time. To be honest I really don’t care if she’s in jail or in Boca Raton. But if she wants to be in the White House, I think we deserve some answers.

Lets forget about the fact that Bill Clinton met with the AG in a private airplane for 30 minutes after saying they “ran into eachother”. And of course they talked about golf and grandchildren. The fact that his wife has an open case with the FBI is totally unrelated.

And I am digressing here but sorry, golf and grandchildren? First off- Loretta Lynch doesn’t even have grandchildren! Maybe Bill is the annoying grandfather with the flip-down wallet who can’t help himself but get lost in talking about his grandchildren? While Loretta just awkwardly smiled and agreed how cute they were?

I won’t even entertain the golf part. But kudos Bill, you really nailed what the average senior citizens talk about on private planes. Who says you’re out of touch with the people!

Now back to the topic at hand…

While discussing her e-mail scandal, Hillary was claiming ignorance all the way. Not only claiming that a private server being illegal was news to her, BUT also claiming that she did not know ‘C’ meant classified. After all her years as Secretary of State she never picked up on that?

                                                    “BUT IDK THO!”

If you watch the video above you can see that she must be playing dumb. This is not a video/PSA that she had to watch as a state employee. This was a video she narrated and helped create!

One word sums it up really, ‘hypocritical’.

But, is anyone actually surprised?


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