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Georgia Just Released A Man Who Was Sentenced To Life

peter mallory

“Peter Mallory, a Georgia man who was sentenced in 2013 to 1,000 years in prison on child porn charges, has been released on parole after serving seven years of his sentence.”WFTV

Seriously Georgia? Right now you’re going to do this?

Peter Mallory worked on building located on a college campus. More specifically, West Georgia Technical College campus.

When police first began investigating they believed that the pornographic images they found belonged to one of the students on campus. They soon realized that the images were actually on the hard drive of Peter Mallory.

The nearly 26,000 files of movies and photos found on Mallory’s computer were more than investigators in Georgia had ever seen in one case, they said.

peter mallory

Everything that we found was the rape and torture of children,” said Lagrange Police Department Detective Christopher Pritchett.

Investigators said that while they were searching for child porn, they also stumbled upon photos of some of Peter Mallory employees. Police said he had cameras under his desk that took photos underneath female employees’ skirts.” – WFTV

And yes we looked into it, this was not a COVID-19 related release.

“While the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles didn’t explain why he was released, it did confirm the release was not related to the coronavirus pandemic, WSB-TV reported.”

peter mallory

It’s just really not good timing Georgia. I know times are tough and you are looking to cut costs where you can. And paroling old dudes who seem nonthreatening does sound like a good place to start. But pizzagate 2.0 has JUST ramped up. All of Twitter is up in arms over conspiracies about the celebrities and the top 1%. Chrissy Teigen just deleted all of her tweets. And you go and parole a guy who was sentenced to 1,000 years in jail for child pornography.

Does the Georgia State Board not get cable? Do they not know what is happening in the world right now? We don’t need someone like Peter Mallory back out in the streets too. There will be backlash. And rightfully so.


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