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#FireKushner Trending: Far-Right Supporters Turn on Trump Administration

Not so Kushy anymore... (2/10 that was cheap)

A large faction of Trump’s following is feeling duped this evening.

In the wake of President Trump’s command to bomb military bases in Syria, far-right conservatives are in an uproar. And it’s not just any conservatives. It’s everyone’s favorite basement-dwelling hive mind. The ‘alt-right’, the group known for their uncanny ability to be heard without ever actually being seen.

Their influence can be found in two places, the darkest corners of twitter, and apparently on election day.

Ever since Trump got elected the left has shifted from shock to outrage. In an infuriating fashion, Trump supporters have excused every contradiction made by the administration since inauguration. This was expected though. Or at least it should have been, Trump supporters were the most passionate/stubborn voter base in recent memory; BUT even liberals were surprised to see Trump supporters think nothing of the blatant nepotism that was occurring in the administration.

Finally, there has been some backlash.

Twitter is currently erupting with a liberals dream hastag, #FireKushner


It’s sort of a beautiful irony when those who are generally huge enemies incidentally become allies. Like the United States and Russia coming together to bring down Nazi Germany. Or Woody and Buzz putting their differences aside to get out of Sid’s house.

Why Is The Alt-Right Upset About The Attacks?

One of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to put America first. He promised to bring focus back home and to stay out of foreign affairs. In fact, most of his attacks on Barack Obama that actually pertained to policy wer complaining of his involvement in global affairs.


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