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Why Does Everyone Hate Lena Dunham? A Timeline Of Controversy

Now I shouldn’t say why does everyone hate Lena Dunham. Obviously she has her stans like anyone else who has been on TV for longer than 7 seconds. But she has a knack for staying in the controversy spotlight. To the point where I’m starting to think it is on purpose.

HBO’s Girls was hit with a harsh wave of criticism from the far let right out of the gate. The crazy backlash was in response to what Twitter called an “un-realistically all-white cast for New York City”. (And to Lena’s defense if she was going for realism in NYC, not a lot of rich girls mingling with real locals so the demographics argument is kind of irrelevant). Normally you wouldn’t be blaming an actor for the casting of a show, but Dunham created Girls, so it is possible she helped paint the “white canvas”.

why does everyone hate lena dunham

Dunham soon came out and admitted she casted the roles, and provided an explanation and a “sorry but that’s show biz” and I guess you can’t argue with that-

” I am a half-Jew, half-WASP, and I wrote two Jews and two WASPs. Something I wanted to avoid was tokenism in casting. If I had one of the four girls, if, for example, she was African-American, I feel like — not that the experience of an African-American girl and a white girl are drastically different, but there has to be specificity to that experience [that] I wasn’t able to speak to. I really wrote the show from a gut-level place, and each character was a piece of me or based on someone close to me. And only later did I realize that it was four white girls. As much as I can say it was an accident, it was only later as the criticism came out, I thought, ‘I hear this and I want to respond to it.’ – IndieWire

OK first of all I just want to say proclaiming you are half-jew half-WASP is…I don’t even know. You can pretty much say I’m really white at that point. Any cultural/heritage “differences” are what things your dad is more stingy about when it comes to money.

why does everyone hate lena dunham?

Regardless, Dunham made a valid point. Especially when it comes to aiming for realism. She didn’t want to write in a character that she felt she couldn’t properly represent. So why does everyone hate Lena Dunham?

why does everyone hate lena dunham

Any question about it really goes out the window pretty quickly though. Dunham went ahead and tweeted out some racist ass shit to remove all doubt. Why does everyone hate Lena Dunham? Shit like this.

why does everyone hate lena dunham

I know Lena Dunham fans would probably defend this and tell me why this is taken out of context or something.

But I seriously can’t think of anything that would change my mind. This is a dumb tweet that regardless of intention is going to be seen as racist, mostly because it is.

You don’t compare black people to animals. Any human for that matter. Especially rodents. And especially black people! Like do you live under a rock? Who runs your PR?

If you are meant to be a public figure Lena Dunham you are very very bad at it.

The Lena wrote a book. And in this book she describes being raped during her time at Oberlin College. I do not know if this is true, and it did not become the spotlight of the story.

What did become the spotlight was the fact that the pseudonym and characteristics of the rapist wee so similar to another classmate (not the rapist), he started getting accused.

why does everyone hate lena dunham?

Lena Dunham and her team apologized for this. However accoding to the defendandts legal team, she was not easy to work with.

“We’re not on a warpath,” Minc said. “We’ve been trying to get their attention for months. It took the threat of litigation to make them take action. We have certainly intimated that we think our client is being libeled, but we’ve been trying to be as reasonable as possible. The remedy to solve this issue is not necessarily legal in nature, and we recognize that. A lot of the suffering Barry was going through and was about to go through could be cured by simple, remedial action from Miss Dunham and Random House.” –hollywoodreporter

Oh also in this book she described how she molested her one year old sister. A lot of people didn’t like that. Why does everyone hate Lena Dunham? A LOT of it comes back to this.

Then in 2016 she talked shit about Odell Beckham Jr. for not hitting on her. variety

why does everyone hate lena dunham?
C’mon OBJ you ain about that?

Why does everyone hate Lena Dunham? You’re probably one one of them now so you can answer that.



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