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Employers Argue They Have A Right To See Credit Scores of Potential Employees

Due to human nature privacy is something many of us value. Privacy has always been a slippery slope. The 4th amendment is the result of a dispute over our personal privacy. This gives us privacy in our own home by preventing searches without a warrant. However, applying for a job in the real world you are not guaranteed those privacies. This is because your Federal rights do not always protect you against the rules and regulations of a corporation or private business.

            Given the question “Should employers have the right to check the credit of potential employees prior to hiring?” John Rawls with his book Theory of Justice is first to come to mind. Veil of ignorance is the idea developed by Rawls in which rules are created with the lack of knowledge on how it will affect us leading to a modification of these rules when we realize. Rawls theory of justice is divided into two principles. The First Principle “each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive total system of equal basic liberties compatible with a similar system of liberty for all” directly relates to this topic of conflict.

            Following the Philosophy of John Rawls, I would say employers have the right to do a credit check prior to hiring. Allowing these credits check does not intrude on anyone’s personal freedom which agrees with the first principle. His second Principle talks about the least advantaged. Relating it to case 5.2 someone is seeking a job while another is in need of a worker. The Least advantaged person will have an opportunity to get exactly what they want (a job) if they provide the employer with everything that is asked. Employers doing a credit check are ok according to the philosophy of John Rawls.

            Bringing the concept of the 4th amendment into discussions about corporate decisions is not a new trend, and it has since long been disregarded. SpaceX for example, an Aerospace Company located in Los Angeles, requires a multitude of private information from the applicant before any hiring is considered. Urine tests, medical background tests, access to SAT scores and investigation into your cyber-background are all common and very legal. Hospitals across the West Coast also force applicants to take urine tests proving they are non-smokers. Even though smoking cigarettes is not illegal.

            On top of that, it is common practice for all employers to ask for references from past employers, pervious salaries, and marital status, all of these things that can be argued to be private information. Colleges are allowed to snoop into social-media profiles as well as contact past professors without your knowledge.

            With all this invasion of privacy running rampant through education, financing, and looking for employment, there seems to be little privacy in one’s personal life left. Although I disagree with the amount of information that is expected to be handed over, I am not the least bit surprised that employers are now looking to gain access to prospective employees credit scores.


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