This article is very real and to some, possibly disturbing. I feel compelled to tell my audience that duck rape and the victims of duck rape will be shown/discussed here. If you choose to stay however, I do think you will learn a beautiful thing about nature’s checks and balances.

What if I told you 94% of all duck sex is duck rape? Would you care? Would you care that they run and evade screaming in pain, hoping they aren’t given the omelette?

duck rape

I think if I showed you the monstrosity of a ” duck penis” that would hypothetically be attempting to enter/impregnate you, you might understand-

duck penis

Look at that thing! It’s looks like it is designed to pick the lock on your front door THEN duck rape you.

For those of you asking the obvious question here… I’m not going to answer it just yet. First you need to know something-

“Duck penises regrow every mating season. Once the season ends, the penis begins to shrink and regress until it’s 10 percent of its full-grown size. They are stored inside the duck’s body, waiting to emerge only during copulation. “The process generally resembles a cross between using your arm to evert a sweater sleeve that is inside out and unfurling the soft, motorized roof of a convertible sports car with a hydraulic drive,” writes Prum.

-NY Post

Now with this in mind, based on whichever beliefs you hold towards religion or evolution you have probably come to one or two different train of thoughts.

If you are a creationist, you are wondering why God would ever one, create a species that stays in existence through rape. But also, why would he spend so much time designing a spider-man dick instead of just making the female ducks slower.

Now, if it is God playing a sick version of the Sims then there isn’t much we can discuss. However in terms of evolution, there could be a weird but plausible theory.

“What’s the vagina’s response to all this “ornamentation”? How about false passages, dead ends, and trap doors? We have may have exaggerated the trap doors, but duck vaginas really do have false passages that lead to nowhere, like a smuggler’s cove. Imagine this: You’re a penis is racing like you stole something down the vaginal passage when you reach a fork in the road? Really? One path leads to the fertile ovaries and the other goes absolutely nowhere. Well not nowhere, but to a sack who’s only purpose is to store unwanted sperm.”Cracked

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Group Duck Rape, Female Duck Brutally Raped And Killed By Over 15 Male Ducks In Oregon

If the opposite sex has it’s anatomy adapting it’s genitals to avoid rape, you know it’s a problem.

And you know that this isn’t some kinky game of hide-and-go-seek that the female ducks like to play.

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Duck Rape Goes Beyond The Boundaries Of Species

“He says that the features demonstrate an evolutionary “arms race” in which control over reproduction alternates between the sexes. If the male develops a longer, more elaborate phallus to force copulation, females wrest back control by developing features to thwart males who rape.”  –NewScientist

Duck rape is real, the use of the duck dick as weapon is real, and it’s happening now all across America.

The North American Union (NAU) has declared the duck rape in North America an epidemic. Canada, Mexico, and the United States are all in agreement and have began taking steps at finding a solution.

Image result for duck rape
The Jaw-Dropping Documentary used by the EPA to convince Mexico and Canada of the epidemic was filmed in over 4 languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. The video has not been released to the public.

Hopefully with three of the most powerful and cooperative countries in the world working together at full force to solve this epidemic, we will be able to find a solution to duck rape once and for all.

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