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Drug Dealer Pardoned By President Obama Kills Family Of 3


There are assertions of a murderer pardoned by Obama all over Twitter right now. Now the left is correct in saying that this was not a direct pardon by President Obama, but upon further research into this story, why does it matter? The fact remains. Due to Obama’s actions this guy was released early from prison and went on to kill his ex-girlfriend as well as her two young children. I respect Obama, regular readers know this, but I don’t agree with refusing to call mistakes what they are. Mistakes.

Now Snopes and the rest of the leftist media are trying their hardest to uncover evidence behind Obama’s innocence on this one.

Ex-boyfriend Wendell Callahan is suspect in fatal stabbing of Ohio ...

And let me get this out in the open before we go any further, I don’t think this was done with mal intent by Obama. In fact, I’m sure it was quite the opposite. Maybe saying there was a murderer pardoned by Obama is a stretch. But he F’d up, and I don’t think that should be swept under the rug just because of clever technicalities found by liberals who are too nuts to admit Obama could have made a mistake.

Here is a screenshot from the Snopes article attempting to disprove the claim:

wendall callahan

Full Snopes Article

Now the Snopes article on Wendall Callahan and the accusation of a murderer pardoned by Obama is impressively in-depth. But there is a clear bias as off the bat you can see this is a defensive article. At no point did the tone seem to be objective, regardless of it’s accuracy. That article had an obvious mission. And even with that mission at hand, the best they could get to was a “Mostly False” tag.

When a site is trying to disprove an internet story and “Mostly False” is the most definitive answer they will confidently give, you know something is up.

Something Isn't Adding Up

Let’s start with the fact that the article is essentially saying “it’s not really true” while going into a long, detailed explanation as to why it is pretty much true.

The only point made is that he didn’t technically directly pardon Wendell Callahan. But the article also proves he was responsible for his early release.

Gotta respect the last stitch effort by Snopes to rid Obama of blame. “A February 2008 fact sheet [PDF] published by the Drug Policy Alliance showed that efforts to align sentencing for offenses involving crack and cocaine were initiated well before President Obama took office in January 2009.”

What happened to “the buck stops here”??

Obama could have stopped this at anytime. If he is going to claim the buck stops at the president’s desk, then bringing up past administrations is a weak argument. So would he take responsibility for this? If not then he is a hypocrite. If he would, then what are you even trying to defend? Maybe you would say it was an unseen effect. In the case of presidency, negligence is as much deserving of blame as cognisant errors.

Is that really the best you got Snopes?


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