Indonesia deceased relatives

Did anyone else not know about this? Apparently it is a common tradition in Indonesia to keep relatives bodies preserved and in the house after they pass. But it doesn’t stop there. The bodies are dressed, fed, and cuddled as they rot. Treated as if they are still alive.

Why do they do this?

Why does no one know about this?

Is this practice on the rise or on the decline?

So why do they do this? Why do the people of Indonesia dress up their dead fathers in casual Friday attire and give them their 11am smoke breaks?

Indonesia deceased relatives

“In contrast to Western norms, Indonesia (people), treat their beloved relatives as if they are sick, not dead…it is customary to feed the deceased every day and to keep the corpses cozily bedded in a separate room.” – TheGuardian

Indonesia deceased relatives

Yuanita takes a selfie with her relative Allo Pongsitammu who passed away roughly 20 years ago.

Contrary to Western norms is right… in America different things come to mind when you talk about keeping dead relatives in the house…

Indonesia deceased relatives
Only Norman Bates reference I promise

If the people of Indonesia think death is just a sickness, hasn’t anyone questioned why no one is recovering?

This brings me to my theory, that this is simply a denial of death.

“My mother died suddenly, so we aren’t ready yet to let her go,” a Torajan woman, Yohana Palangda, told National Geographic of how this helps the grieving process.” – TheSun

Indonesia deceased relatives
Corpse given a new set of chompers

There are reports of people in Indonesia paying upwards of 3,000 USD to get dental work done on dead relatives. This practice has become so wide spread that it is now a relatively common thing to see a dentist specialize in the implementation of “corpse grillz”, as they are called in the Indonesian pueblos.

Indonesia deceased relatives
All 3 in this photograph are dead

So what do you do after your relative is properly embalmed, bathed, dressed, cuddled, fed and ready for display? Why, you set up a scene that would occur in their old life but reenact it with their corpses. Duh.

Pictured above are three corpses. They were all given brand new clothes before the photo shoot. (And no they didn’t just leave the tags on and return it after they’re not like that).

Indonesia deceased relatives

Despite common misconception, the child in this photo is NOT checking to see how much he has grown (shrunk) since last year. He is simply holding him up for a UNICEF PSA.

Indonesia deceased relatives

Smoking up with the deceased relatives in Indonesia seems to be very popular.

Indonesia deceased relatives

According to The Sun this baby had no name. I would have went with Waldo.


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