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Danielle Muscato Tries To Have Kroger Employee Fired – #KrogerAndy

danielle muscato

Danielle Muscato is a perfect example of why people are confused politically these days. And also is the reason #KrogerAndy is trending on Twitter right now.

Do you want to side with Trump? Or do you want to side with far left activists willing to get an innocent man fired just for internet clout?

Danielle Muscato went into a Kroger super market and yelled at a store manager because other customers were not wearing masks. He tried to dox the manager and have him reprimanded. Instead, Twitter came to the defense of the Kroger employee.

Danielle Muscato

Never-mind the fact that this particular Kroger did not have a mask-only policy, but this is a manager at Kroger. What is your deal Danielle? Do you think Kroger managers can just make up new rules and force people to do things because you yelled loud enough? Are you 5?

Stand up for yourself and confront who is bothering you or leave the store. But we all know you did this for more online fame. So congratulations it worked!

If you are a true civil rights activist as you claim, then you should NOT be fighting lower income Americans for likes.

What did embarrassing Andy at Kroger gain you? What did making him nervous that he might lose his job gain you? Do you realize he has to wear a mask 8 hours a day so people like you can get your Diet Fresca? Have some respect for our essential workers. Unbelievable that you would yell at a man wearing a mask for 8 hours straight on the importance of a mask. Zero respect or human decency. Shame on you Danielle Muscato. I can tell you have never worked retail. Your privilege is showing. Team #KrogerAndy.

I have compiled the tweets of Danielle Muscato in screenshots (as she likely will be deleting them when she finally realizes how evil she was being).

Danielle Muscato

What do you want him to do Danielle? Put him in a choke hold? Have some common sense…

Danielle Muscato 180’s After Twitter Backlash

Danielle Muscato
  1. “His name is Andy” Why did you say that if you didn’t want him reprimanded? If you didn’t want him ired what were you identifying him for?
  2. Then why didn’t you call corporate instead of taking a video of yourself yelling at a tired essential worker?
  3. Again, Andy does not represent all of Kroger. Who is this “they” you speak of? You are STILL getting mad at Andy. Grow up.

Danielle seriously, just mind your own business.


She then goes on to post a picture that proves the current store policy didn’t require actual masks.

Proving that #KrogerAndy was just doing his job the whole time.

Danielle Muscato… just delete your Twitter.

A GoFundMe was started in response to #KrogerAndy.

A lot of people on Twitter felt really bad after seeing how Danielle treated Andy. Many of them related to Andy because they themselves are or have been retail workers. Others donating because he is an essential worker, or simply because they feel it is the right thing.

Regardless, #KrogerAndy GoFundMe has brought in over $15K for Andy!

The funds were set up to allow him to take a vacation and get away from Karen’s (Or maybe they are Danielle’s now) for a little bit. But once the funds are in Andy’s name he can do as he chooses.


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