Who is Damn Allan Keith? To put it simply, absolutely no one. . @damnallankeith

So why is he showing up anywhere on anything? Because we let Damn Long Neck become a celebrity and now his brother Damn Allan Keith is riding his curtails. Except the curtails are fake because there isn’t even a reason that Damn Long Neck should be relevant.

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OK wow, I had a lot to say. I had a whole rant ready. Until I saw these comments… I’d be preaching to the choir. Instead, I will share the views of the public-

“The face you make when your parents are cousins”

“you look like you smell bad”

“Ugly fucking talentless retard” (that’s a classy one)

” Your pedi stash looks like someone wiped shit all over your lip bruh 💩 “

” You look like a mini El Chapo “

That last one could be taken as a compliment. Regardless, it answered the main question I had. Which was why is this guy famous. He’s not. He just posts pictures and they get a lot of likes and get shit on. Or is that fame? Such a confusing time me we live in…

I haven’t the slightest idea if he is serious or if he is just doing this for the publicity, if he’s not serious he is really fucking good at making it seem legit. I’m not going to give myself a headache trying to figure out his inner workings here.

Oh and he has a soundcloud because why wouldn’t he – SoundCloud

You can listen to the song on there. I think it sucks but I’m no Mozart. It was definitely filmed in one take and everyone was possibly on Xanax. That’s all I have to say about it. Damn Allan Keith, music now, what will he do next.

There is a question in all of this though. A question very relevant to today’s idea of “fame”. If you were getting tons of hate on every picture and video you posted, but you were getting paid for it, would you keep doing it?

Would being America’s punching bag be an OK living for you? I think for some people, being in the spotlight is enough. As long as they are getting attention it’s better than no one paying attention. All press is good press as they say. Keep doing your thang Dang Allan Keith.


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