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Coffee Debate: Is Erin Burnett Hot

*Disclaimer: While the root of this discussion remains; ‘is Erin Burnett hot or not’, I have to say, I this segment is being discussed over Mountain Dew as opposed to coffee o this lovely, cold, rainy morning. Views may be unusually inconsistent*

I received an e-mail not to long ago (any of you feel free to do the same: info@todaysfive.com) from a college kid who has clearly too much time between 2-5PM on weekdays. Almost as if it was a confession, he professed his love of both Brooke Baldwin and Erin Burnett. I thought it more comical than anything else and sorta forgot about it, until tonight, as I sit here at 3:53 AM watching repeats of CNN. I can’t help but get lost in those big beautiful eyes of CNN host Erin Burnett. Is it movie magic? Is it because I haven’t slept in over 20 hours? Or maybe the answer is a lot simpler than all that… OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

Is Erin Burnett hot?

Brooke is a no brainer so we will break down Erin real quick:

If you are on this page chances are you already think Erin is a smoke and are looking to choke the chicken before you have to head to the job you’re already late for so enough small talk, onto the good stuff.

erin burnett hot
First of all yes! Erin Burnett is without a doubt a total babe. By all accounts. Great body, alluring face, extremely educated and brings a verbal smackdown to conservatives live on TV for a living. Hard not to love it.

erin burnett hot

I think a big part or it has to be those beautiful blue/greenish eyes… absolutely alluring. The question may not be is Erin Burnett hot… It may be is Erin Burnett wife-up marriage material beautiful?

erin burnett hot

Of course, there is another an favorite asset of hers….

Erin Burnett Hot


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