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Minneapolis 3rd precinct

Protesters In Minneapolis Have Taken Over Police 3rd Precinct

"MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis is in the midst of a third night of unrest in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, with protesters...
Coronavirus rats

MTA Worker Attacked By Rats, Coronavirus To Blame?

Experts say the uncharacteristic aggression in the rats and the Coronavirus pandemic are related. According to affiliates of Today's Five, An MTA...
lyft kidnapping

Lyft Driver Kidnaps Female Passenger

"DENVER — Lyft driver kidnaps female passenger over the weekend. A local mother says her Lyft ride home turned into racial harassment...
trump afraid of stairs

Trump Afraid Of Stairs – Now Effecting Daily Operations

Trump is afraid of stairs it is a well documented topic, it's fact and despite the ridiculousness of it, this fear is...
woman suing indeed

Woman Suing Indeed After Being Raped By Manager At Orientation

Indeed, the tech company known for helping people find jobs, is now in the hot seat for helping upper management get out...

Trump Expected To Veto Second Coronavirus Relief Package

"President Donald Trump shot down the massive new Democratic coronavirus relief package ahead of a planned House vote Friday. "DOA. Dead...

Drug Dealer Pardoned By President Obama Kills Family Of 3

There are assertions of a murderer pardoned by Obama all over Twitter right now. Now the left is correct in saying that...
andrew cuomo photoshoot

Andrew Cuomo Agrees To Shirtless Photoshoot With GQ Magazine

Well it's official. I'm not sure if it's for publicity or his ego, but the son-of-a-governor has finally announced that he WILL...

2 Children Hospitalized After Parent Attempts Disinfectant Advice From President Trump

Laura Mullins, 32, of Bastrop, Louisiana had called 911 after her son had a seizure late Friday night. By the time the...

The 3 Best Stocks On Robinhood Under $25 That You Need To Buy Right...

If you are living like most of the world right now, you are likely living a quiet life in quarantine. Maybe you...