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joe biden mastermind obamagate

Joe Biden Claims To Be The “Mastermind” Behind ‘Obamagate’

The allegations against Trump in regards to working with Russia in the 2016 election have been disproved, and as expected, the president...
nyc mysterious fireworks

Group Behind Mysterious 10pm NYC Fireworks Has Been Discovered

Anyone who has been living in the NYC or Northern New Jersey area has undoubtedly been hearing these mysterious fireworks that seem...
stimulus check round two approved

Stimulus Check Round Two Expected To Be Approved

Despite all the protests and curfews that are occurring across the country on a nightly basis, the Coronavirus pandemic is still an underlying...

Gender Reassignment Surgeries Deemed ‘Non-Essential’ During Coronavirus, Trans Community In Uproar

"Gender reassignment surgeries have been deemed “non-essential” by most health providers, including the UK’s NHS, for trans people these surgeries can hugely...

NYC Protest Locations For Tonight – What To Expect

Between statements made by the NYPD and representatives of BLM, we are able to confirm where the most prominent NYC protest locations...
Andrew Yang Ashamed To Be Asian

Andrew Yang Tells Washington Post He Is Ashamed To Be Asian

Andrew Yang, the young American political commentator and entrepreneur, is in hot water with the Asian community for recent remarks he made...

College Liberal Explains Why We Need To Defund The Police

I've been curious for a while on how college students have been taking in this current climate. It's been a long 5...
atlanta police department strike

Entire Atlanta Police Department Walks Out This Morning, No Officers Responding To Calls

There were rumors this would happen, this could lead to a dangerous day in Atlanta. Reports from Atlanta...
NYC Fireworks Mystery

NYC Fireworks Mystery Gets Weirder, Video Shows FDNY With Fireworks

The NYC Fireworks Mystery just took a sharp left. The plot has thickened. The NYC fireworks mystery has taken...
did ilhan omar marry her brother

Did Ilhan Omar Actually Marry Her Brother?

I have to admit something going into this one. Generally when a controversy such as this one comes across my desk I...