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Ivanka Trump Is Now Assisting In Coronavirus Vaccine Research

Ivanka Trump is known for getting involved in as many facets of politics and societal issues as she possibly can. Anything from...
nyc mysterious fireworks

Group Behind Mysterious 10pm NYC Fireworks Has Been Discovered

Anyone who has been living in the NYC or Northern New Jersey area has undoubtedly been hearing these mysterious fireworks that seem...
mayor de blasio no spine

NYC Mayor de Blasio Has Officially Proven He Has No Spine

The soft-spoken wishy-washy mayor of New York City that no one even remembers electing really showed his true colors yesterday during his...
arthur ashe vandalized

Arthur Ashe Memorial Vandalized – Spray Painted With “White Lives Matter” And Swastikas

"A statue of African American tennis legend Arthur Ashe on Richmond, Virginia's Monument Avenue has been vandalized with the words “White Lives...
black jewish tensions

Tensions Between The Black And Jewish Community – A Quick Timeline

Tensions between the black and Jewish community may be higher than ever before. Recent posts and statements from...
trump afraid of stairs

Trump Afraid Of Stairs – Now Effecting Daily Operations

Trump is afraid of stairs it is a well documented topic, it's fact and despite the ridiculousness of it, this fear is...
black mlb players called strikes

Black MLB Players See More Called Strikes Than Other Races

In 1956, Jackie Robinson played his final game in the MLB. On that day, 6.7% of MLB players were black or biracial....

Joe Biden Facing Ridicule After Revealing He “Sits On The Toilet Backwards”

At the end of a press conference that can only be described as nothing less than bizarre, presidential candidate Joe Biden wrapped...

ISIS Vows To Capture Ivanka Trump And Behead Barron Trump

Early reports from PJ Media suggest that ISIS supporters have not only depicted an image of Barron Trump being beheaded in a gruesome manner,...
hoboken police department

Actress Slams Hoboken Police For Harassment In Her Early 20’s

Alison Becker, actress and comedian, has taken to twitter to voice her opinion on the #DefundPolice movement. She comes armed with a...