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Joe Biden Facing Ridicule After Revealing He “Sits On The Toilet Backwards”

At the end of a press conference that can only be described as nothing less than bizarre, presidential candidate Joe Biden wrapped...

Riots Increase As United States Orders State Border Shutdowns: National Guard Deployed

As peaceful protests turn to violent riots across the country, United States officials need everyone to remember the Coronavirus pandemic is still...
george zimmerman dui charges

George Zimmerman Arrested In Atlanta On DUI Charges

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder in the case of Trayvon Martin will once again find himself in court. At around...
curt schilling arrested

Curt Schilling Arrested – Allegedly Involved In Crowdfunding Fraud

Today's Five is now receiving reports that ex-Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has also been arrested and is in custody. Although charges...
qualify for a stimulus check

How To Know If You Qualify For A Stimulus Check

As it now stands the Coronavirus stimulus package is set to be in effect by the end of the weekend. The Senate...
atlanta police department strike

Entire Atlanta Police Department Walks Out This Morning, No Officers Responding To Calls

There were rumors this would happen, this could lead to a dangerous day in Atlanta. Reports from Atlanta...

Gender Reassignment Surgeries Deemed ‘Non-Essential’ During Coronavirus, Trans Community In Uproar

"Gender reassignment surgeries have been deemed “non-essential” by most health providers, including the UK’s NHS, for trans people these surgeries can hugely...

4 Manhattan Teens Toss Firework On Sleeping Homeless Man, Killing Him (Video)

*Warning, the following is graphic.* SHOCK VIDEO: Thugs are seen throwing fireworks at what appears to be a sleeping...
Coronavirus rats

MTA Worker Attacked By Rats, Coronavirus To Blame?

Experts say the uncharacteristic aggression in the rats and the Coronavirus pandemic are related. According to affiliates of Today's Five, An MTA...
wayfair ceo steps down

Snopes Blindly Defends Wayfair And CEO With No Evidence

Creator of Today’s Five joined podcast “The Rabbit Hole” this week to defend the claims in this article, as well as demand...