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t2 biosystems

T2 Biosystems COVID-19 Test Kit Approved And Ready For Public Use

T2 Biosystems announced that the COVID-19 test kits that has been in development was licensed and approved this weekend. The test kits...

New Studies Find 3 Shocking Psychological Reasons Why People Smoke Cigarettes

Now, obviously I’m not coming out here to advocate smoking to all of you. I am merely putting forth some psychological reasons...
mars fossil

Fossil Found On Mars Points To Ancient Ocean Life, According To NASA

Specualtion on the newly found Mars fossil has been generating a lot of buzz and theories in the scientific community.
Is it too late to buy BNGO stock

Is It Too Late to Buy BNGO Stock? (BioNano Genomics)

I've had my eye on BNGO stock for a while now. I even told you guys back in August it was the...

NASA Has Discovered A New Planet – Very Similar To Earth

If the recent team-up with Space-X for a launch wasn't enough, NASA is now announcing that they have discovered a new planet....

Facebook Shuts Down Chatbots After They Invent Secret Language

Facebook has shut down two artificial intelligences that appeared to be chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood.
are dinosaurs real

Are Dinosaurs Real? Here Are 5 Reasons That Might Make You Reconsider

For too long the general public has given Paleontologists too much authority. Never questioning any of the ridiculous claims and new "discoveries"...

Study Reveals ALL Psychopaths Share The Same Favorite Bar Drink (No, It’s Not Tequila)

Girls, if he orders Gin and Tonic at the bar every time, you may need to take a step back. Guys, same...
how to kill a murder hornet

How To Kill A Murder Hornet – 4 Strategies

As murder hornets continue to kill humans worldwide, Japan has announced the four most effective ways they have found on how to kill...
home made corona masks

How To Make A Homemade Corona Mask – 5 Super Easy Ways

We all know the average American can't sew. So I'm not sure why the CDC and every mainstream media outlet assumes that everyone...