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tomi lahren without makeup

HOLD UP: Have You Seen Tomi Lahren Without Makeup?

Not gonna lie, Tomi Lahren was in like, my unofficial top 10. You can’t even imagine Tomi Lahren ugly (or so you...
feeling old at 25

Feeling Old At 25? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Are you feeling old at 25? Read on and feel better young one. 1. You Have Plenty Of...
coolest tiny homes

The 5 Coolest Tiny Homes Ever Built

Everything is getting smaller these days, phones, computers, Minimalism is on its way up, and people are starting to be more aware...

What Is An Incel? We Did The Dirty Work, So You Don’t Have To!

Interest over this infamous, yet ominous collection of internet users known as “Incels” has been increasing over the past few months. After...
signs your girlfriend is cheating

The 15 Classic Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Usually articles of this nature will have a disclaimer letting you know "this doesn't apply to every relationship". Well, this article does....

Couple Meets On Trivia Crack, Engaged 3 Months Later

In a true modern day fairy tale, the popular mobile gaming app Trivia Crack has brought two lovers from across the country together. Lara...
Colin Kaepernick Docuseries

Colin Kaepernick And Disney Partner For Docuseries On Racial Injustice

Colin Kaepernick will be on team Disney this upcoming season. The ex-star NFL quarterback has signed a deal with Disney. This partnership...

Is Lorde Really A Person? – The Universal Music Tennis Court Oath

I know it seems like a ridiculous question to ask. It's not our first one. But ever since South Park called out...
chrissy teigen deletes tweets

Chrissy Teigen Deletes All 60K Of Her Tweets To Protect Herself

Update 8:26 AM - It appears that neither Chrissy Teigen or John Legend appear on Epstein's private flight record. If Chrissy Teigen...

How To Be Popular In High School: 8 Flawless Strategies

High School to some was a blur. To others it was miserable. But on the flip side, there are plenty of people...