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Can We Admit Scott Falater Is A Liar And Murderer?

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It was 1999 when Scott Falater was convicted to a life sentence (rightfully so) for brutally murdering his wife in the middle of the night. Falater used “sleep walking” as a self defense. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work out. 

So why are we talking about Scott Falater 20 years later? 

Mostly because of the 20/20 that ABC ran. 

But I think there is a deeper reason. If you believe Scott Falater and his tale of nightly dream state murder rampage, then you may be concerned it could happen to you. 

Rest assured, Scott Falater is a liar. This won’t happen to you. (At Least the second part won’t). 

scott falater

I’ll admit it, in the beginning it was pretty convincing. 

The man had sleep walking in his past. His sister said that he pushed her once when he was sleeping. Who knows if this is true or not. 

Listen it’s a weird story. And one that makes you think it’s complex and can’t be understood. That’s what Scott Falater and his team aimed to do. Free Falater by decision of uncertainty. Maybe he’s not crazy? Maybe he did dream the whole thing? 

Don’t fall for their smokescreen. It’s a lot more simple than the defense team made it out to be. 

Go with Occam’s razor on this one. 

Is it possible in his sleep he stabbed his wife 44 times? And just happened to use a deadly hunting knife he located in another room? Maybe. Probably not. But maybe. 

Then eye witness reports (the next door neighbor) explain how Falater was going back and forth the house, and eventually dunking his wife into the pool. 

It’s pretty obvious what happened here guys, IF you want to believe the sleep walking theory. 

If Falater was sleep walking, it definitely ended after the stabbing. 

scott falater

Now Falater is a smart guy. But of course anyone in this situation would panic. 

His first decision is to drown her so she stops making noises. (True love right there). 

Once she is actually out cold it sets in for Falater. He just killed his wife. Kind of accidentally, but then definitely on purpose. 

So he goes into CSI criminal mode. This is where the case is blown open. He’s lost the jury. As he should. 

Boxing up her clothing, neatly packing it away with the weapon in a separate container. I think it’s pretty obvious if you take a step back here. 

Scott Falater possibly woke up to himself stabbing his wife. Maybe it was the craziest most unfortunate thing to ever actually happen and he really stabbed the love of his life 44 times  without trying. (FYI if someone stabs someone 44 times, it is deemed a crime of passion). 

Fine, let’s pretend that’s true. There is no way he slept walk through all 248 motions that the prosecution’s sleep expert presented to him. 

Instead the more obvious answer started to come to mind. 

What if this super smart guy Scott Falter did actually stab his wife 44 times in his sleep, and hen figured he could half clean things up, and then claim it was all sleep walking. 

Scott Falater took the stand and briefly won half the jury over. But it was on the same sentiment that he always followed. “It’s too complex for you to understand.” 

In fact, when he was convicted, he mainly put what he called a “low IQ jury” at blame. 

Even if Falater didn’t initially stab his wife in full consciousness. He certainly was fully conscious when he finished the job. 

Argue whether that counts as murder if you want, but at the very least Scott Falater is leaving out details. And for that reason, we keep him behind bars. 


  1. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about! I had something similar happen to me! On morning I awoke to my wife telling me I had been on top of her trying to smother her with a pillow! She wrenched herself free and I turned back over and went to sleep! To this day I have absolutely no memory of the incident! By the way, what university did you get your degree in sleep studies from? I thoroughly believed mr Palater and felt all along that the prosecutor was only after a win and could care less about justice! By the way, he’s been disbarred since then. As for the jury, even they said there wasn’t even a hint of motive for the murder! How does one convict with no motive. The very lack of motive convinced me of his innocence. He’s been in prison long enough! Let him go home to his family! I wouldn’t want my date in the f hands of that bunch of morons! Palater never called the jury “low IQ”, his attorney did!

  2. He stabbed his wife 44 times while the neighbors hear her her screams. During this time he recognizes his dog is upset and calms him down. How come he didn’t recognize his wife screaming and calm her down? Then he realizes that she is not dead so he moves from plan “A” to plan “B” and drags her out to the pool and holds her underwater until she drowns. Does this sound like someone sleepwalking? He then takes off his bloody street clothes and hides them in the trunk of this car along with the murder weapon (knife). These are actions of an active and alert mind clearly concealing evidence of a crime, not of someone “sleepwalking”. He then cleans all the blood off himself and puts on his pajamas as if nothing happened, again hiding more evidence of a crime. These are deliberate actions of an alert and active mind and to believe his “sleepwalking” story borders on the ridiculous. Even if he were to be “believed” this man has to be locked up for life to save the same thing happening to someone else.


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