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Bryan Kohberger Requests Move To Women’s Prison: Claims To Identify As Female

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Bryan Kohberger has allegedly asked his lawyers to put in a surprising motion. According to sources Kohberger claims he is being mistreated, misgendered, and abused by the court systems. He is demanding that he be moved to a women’s prison immediately.

“I identify as a female. I always have. I was never asked. From the beginning I was silenced and being in a prison with men is not where I belong.”

Kohberger’s defense team has filed the motion and it is expected by sources to at least be reviewed by the judge before the set hearing in June.

That is if the Judge doesn’t immediately throw out this request.

Bryan Kohberger wouldn’t be the first inmate in American history to claim they were misgendered after being arrested. But due to the nature of his crimes, it is likely the Judge will hesitate sending Kohberger into that environment. 

Should Bryan Kohberger Even Be Allowed To Make This Request?

Our sources noted the motion to send Kohberger to a women’s prison circled around two main points:

1. Bryan Kohberger identifies as, and therefore is, a female. So she was placed in the wrong facility from the beginning.

2. Bryan Kohberger says he does not feel safe in the men’s prison. And would feel a lot safer if he was in the women’s prison. 

I think it’s fair to say even if he identified as a women, he shouldn’t be allowed to be making any requests. Let alone a request to go over to the girls side. He literally killed three of them. 

Is it really worth making every other woman prisoner scared just so Bryan Kohberger can feel safer?

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One thing is for sure – Bryan’s girlfriend likely will not be happy hearing the man she has been lusting over is about to pull a Bruce… 

“Brittney Hislope insists he’s the “perfect man” for her.

“My love interest … is named Bryan and is accused of murder, and I just wish to connect with him above anyone else,” the 35-year-old Kentucky single mom of a 16-year-old son gushed in one of her many Facebook posts about Kohberger, whom she has never met or communicated with.

“One way to describe my feelings for him over the last week or so … is kind of like being lovesick.” – Source

Other Recent Updates On The Issue:

“University of Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger may have held onto an ID belonging to one of the four killed in the shocking November stabbings, sources claimed this week.

Kohberger, 28, was arrested in Pennsylvania on Dec. 30 — six weeks after Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle and Ethan Chapin were murdered in their off-campus home in Moscow.

In addition to DNA evidence tying Kohberger to the grisly scene, an unsealed search warrant suggested police found unspecified IDs in the glovebox of the doctoral student’s car, NewsNation reported.

“It’s a big deal. That is a smoking license,” retired FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer told the network’s Chris Cuomo of the possible discovery, which cannot be confirmed due to a gag order on the case.

“Just like the [knife sheath] was a smoking sheath found next to [Mogen’s body] with his DNA on that clasp, it’s the same thing in this situation. Why would he have an ID related to one of those people from that house?”

Coffindaffer appeared on the network alongside trial attorney Mark Geragos, who surmised that the ID find, if true, would be “bad” for Kohberger.” – Source

What Kind Of Rights Does The State Have To Grant Bryanna?

Transgender prisoners, like all prisoners, have basic rights protected under international human rights law, national constitutions, and specific laws and regulations. The exact rights may vary by jurisdiction, but there are some general principles that are widely recognized.

  1. Right to Safety: Transgender prisoners have the right to be safe from violence, abuse, and harassment. This includes protection from other inmates and from staff.
  2. Right to Health Care: Transgender prisoners have the right to access necessary medical care, including hormone therapy and other treatments related to gender transition if they were already receiving such treatment before incarceration. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) standards of care often serve as a reference for this.
  3. Right to Self-Identity: Transgender prisoners have the right to express their gender identity. This can include the right to wear clothing and have hairstyles that align with their gender identity, and to be addressed by their chosen name and pronouns.
  4. Housing Decisions: There’s ongoing debate and litigation over housing for transgender prisoners, such as whether they should be housed according to their gender identity or biological sex. Some jurisdictions require that housing decisions take into account the prisoner’s gender identity and their safety. The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) in the U.S., for example, requires that decisions about housing for transgender prisoners be made on a case-by-case basis and consider the inmate’s perception of where they would be safest.
  5. Freedom from Discrimination: Transgender prisoners have the right to be free from discrimination based on their gender identity. This means they should not be treated differently from other prisoners solely because they are transgender.
  6. Right to Complain and Seek Legal Remedy: If their rights are violated, transgender prisoners have the right to make complaints and seek legal remedies. They should be able to do this without fear of retaliation.

It’s important to note that while these rights are widely recognized, they are not always respected in practice. Advocacy and legal action continue to be necessary to ensure that these rights are protected.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, specific rights and their enforcement can vary widely depending on the region, the country, and even the specific institution. Always consult up-to-date local and national laws and regulations.

Is Firing Squad Really A Possibility For Bryan Kohberger?

“Idaho’s approval last month of a new law adding the firing squad as an execution method for death row inmates could one day play a role in the case of Moscow homicides suspect Bryan Kohberger. In December, police arrested Kohberger, 28, for allegedly killing four University of Idaho students in November.

He remains in custody in Latah County Jail awaiting a preliminary hearing in June on four counts of first-degree murder and a count of felony burglary. First-degree murder is the only charge that qualifies a defendant for the death penalty in Idaho, which is one of 24 U.S. states that maintain active capital punishment.

After Gov. Brad Little last month signed a new law, Idaho will become the fifth state to permit executions by firing squad when it takes effect July 1.

Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson still has not said whether he will seek the death penalty against Kohberger, a former Washington State University graduate student, if he is convicted.

Per state law, prosecutors have 60 days from when a defendant enters a plea to tell the court whether they will ask a jury to consider a death sentence.

Defendants in Idaho felony cases don’t enter a plea until a district court arraignment. That’s the immediate step after a preliminary hearing when a magistrate judge — Judge Megan Marshall in Kohberger’s case — decides if there is probable cause to elevate the case to district court for a possible trial. But the collection of charges against Kohberger is extremely rare, if not unprecedented, in Idaho.

No other defendant has faced four counts of first-degree murder in one case in recent state history, according to a poll of longtime law enforcement and legal officials and analysis by the Idaho Statesman.” – Source


  1. The day Bryans arrest was announced, a Reddit group was formed. It was under the name “BLM: Bryans Life Matters”. I was curious and began chatting with different acquaintances of Bryan, or I should say..”Bryana”. According to the classmates, Bryan would regularly attend class in a dress with makeup and was known as Bryana. When the anti LGBTQIA accusations came up, I returned to the group to ask the person about it. It was gone. Poof. I can’t even way back it, which tells me it was scrubbed. You tell me why? I am far from pro Bryan, but I think in your article where you say, “you know how I know Bryan isn’t trans”… I have to say that’s pretty ballsy thing to say about someone you obviously don’t know.


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