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Brian Szasz Allegedly Threatened Violence At Festival And Stalked Women

Brian Szasz

The story of this missing OceanGate Submarine just keeps getting more bizarre. Hamish Harding, one of the billionaires aboard the ship, has a step-son named Brian Szasz. Apparently Brian Szasz is NOT a good dude… We’ll quickly list off the thing’s he has been accused of/been involved in before we delve into each of them.

  1. Threatened to kill a girl he met on Twitter at the Trilogy concert
  2. Tattooed a portrait of this same girl onto his forearm without ever meeting her
  3. Threatened to mass shoot an entire EDM concert 
  4. Lied about relationships with multiple women on Twitter using their real names and Twitter handles 

Who Is Brian Szasz?

The son of a British billionaire named Hamish Harding. He has been known for some very questionable actions on social media. I guess quickly explain we will later who his father is but it’s better to just get into why Brian Szasz was able to be such a raging creep for so long with zero consequences. 

How The Truth About Brian Szasz Came Out

It all started with an admission from a Twitter user about the stalking she had been experiencing from Brian Szasz

Brian szasz

So basically this girl replied to Brian Szasz when he said he was going to a Blink 182 concert while his step father wad drowning. And boy did this turn into a rabbit hole.

Turns out this goes back to Brian randomly stalking this girl, telling her he was going to find her at a concert, hurt her if she didn’t comply. Oh and he also got a portrait of her tattooed on his arm.

Brian szasz

As you can see, this woman on Twitter was not impressed by the Tattoo and decided to block Brian.

Clearly this upset Brian.

He went on a tirade explaining she would be “fine” at the Trilogy concert as long as she unblocked him and heard him out. Unsurprisingly, she kept her distance.

This was the first picture that Brian posted of a random girl pretending it was his “girlfriend”. When she called him out, Brian was NOT happy.

After she blocked him, he took to Instagram and other platforms to contact her.

All of this harassment was pretty contained and only seen in the small world of EDM.

That is until the Titan went missing with Hamish Harding on board.

That is when women on Twitter started talking about the real Brian.

Brian szasz

Before long, Brian Szasz was outed.

Brian szasz

But Who Is Who Is Hamish Harding? 

Hamish Harding is a British entrepreneur, adventurer, and aviation enthusiast. He has a passion for aviation and exploration, and his accomplishments span various fields. Here is an overview of his background and achievements:

  1. Aviation Ventures: Harding is the co-founder and chairman of Action Aviation, a global aircraft sales and acquisitions company based in the United Kingdom. He has been involved in brokering aircraft deals and providing consultancy services to clients in the aviation industry.
  2. Record-Breaking Expeditions: Harding has participated in multiple record-breaking expeditions. In 2008, he embarked on a journey to break the speed record for flying around the world in a helicopter. Although the attempt was unsuccessful due to mechanical issues, it showcased his adventurous spirit and determination.
  3. “One More Orbit” Mission: One of Harding’s most notable achievements was the “One More Orbit” mission in 2019. He led a team that aimed to break the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the Earth via both poles. They completed the journey in a specially modified Gulfstream G650ER aircraft, covering over 24,000 nautical miles in just over 46 hours. The mission paid tribute to the Apollo 11 moon landing and celebrated the spirit of exploration.
  4. Advocacy for Aviation and Sustainability: Harding is an advocate for sustainable aviation practices. He has been involved in initiatives to reduce aviation emissions and promote the use of sustainable aviation fuels. Through his work, he aims to raise awareness about the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of air travel.
  5. Philanthropy and Charitable Work: Harding is also engaged in philanthropic activities. He supports various charitable causes, particularly those related to education, health, and environmental conservation.

Will Brian Szasz Get Away With This?

Time will tell – his money and his step-father have gotten him this far. We’ll see if he is able to use his family resources to continue to escape responsibility for his actions.

Some Are Speculating That Brian Szasz Has Been Arrested Before

“A person has been arrested in California after using social media to threaten attendees of the Illenium and Excision concerts planned for Saturday at Allegiant Stadium and Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, police said.

“No threats were made towards the venue, only towards the other social media users,” the Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement Wednesday. “… Law enforcement agencies in California were able to locate and apprehend the suspect on local charges.” – Source



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