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Biocept And Thermo Fisher Merger Is In The Works

biocept therma fisher merger

Update: Todays five investigator reports that a Thermo Fisher employee explained that to stay in the Covid-19 test kit race, they need Biocept. Some sort of merger imminent.

Over the past few weeks many investors and analysts have been confused by the recent spike in Biocept stock. Most chalked it up to the retail investor throwing analytics out the window last week and instead relying on hype. We now know that it was more than just hype. Biocept Thermo Fisher merger is in discussion and it is expected to be announced early in August.

How do we know the Biocept Thermo Fisher merger is happening?

Biocept And Thermo Fisher Merger

The two companies are teaming up for COVID-19 testing according to an inside report.

Check out their site – https://biocept.com/covid-19/ and click the link for patients results. It will take you to Thermo Fisher’s website.

Biocept Thermo Fisher merger confirmed. Plus an inside reporter telling us it will be announced end of August? This is an easy buy.

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Biocept And Thermo Fisher Merger

“Biocept, Inc. Common Stock, also called Biocept, is an oncology laboratory service company, which focuses on the development and marketing of novel laboratory products in the detection of rare cells to include circulating tumor cells. It develops and commercializes proprietary circulating tumor cell and circulating tumor DNA tests utilizing a standard blood sample. The company utilizes cell enrichment and extraction technology for the detection and analysis of circulating tumor DNA tests. It also offers services to other laboratory testing providers, academic institutions, research organizations, biopharmaceutical companies and clinical trial support and specific oncogenic alterations. Biocept was founded on May 12, 1997 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA.” – Company Description


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