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Girl Shames Ben Shapiro On Twitter For Virgin Hover Hand

virgin hover hand

A girl took to Twitter this weekend to point out a habit that Ben Shapiro appears to have. It appears Benny is a repeat offender of the “virgin hover hand”. Most guys out there remember that stage of their life. Likely happened at a middle school dance. Or maybe you’re still doing it. Who knows.

Either way, girls are attacking poor Ben again. This time it’s not about being able to get his wife in the mood. It’s his repeated habit of the virgin hover hand.

virgin hover hand

The virgin hover hand has been around since the Victorian era. And guys who assume that no one wants to be touched by them, well, they stay in the virgin hover hand phase a little longer.

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Why Does Ben Shapiro Always Go With The Virgin Hover Hand?

virgin hover hand

There are three realistic possiblities as to why Ben is always defaulting to the hover hand.

1. Ben Shapiro Actually Is a Virgin At Heart

We already know that Ben Shapiro was a proud virgin for years before he met his lovely wife.

Ben Shapiro was a virgin until he was at least 24 years old.

And then after that he (according to him at least) has not been with anyone other than his wife.

If that is true than maybe it is possible that he never fully got out of that “girls have cooties” phase.

2. Ben Ain’t Tryna Catch An Allegation

Call Ben Shapiro what you want, but the guy is pretty smart.

I mean he went to Harvard and he like never stutters.

He knows to the left he is pretty much the devil. And he knows that any sort of allegation of an inappropriate scandal or act would spread like wild fire through liberal media if there was even an ounce of truth behind it. It’s very possible Ben has taken a hard virgin hover hand lifestyle. In protection of himself, his family, and most importantly, his money.

3. Religion

How Jewish is Ben?

I mean he wears a Yamaca. But there are some sects of Judaism that don’t allow a man to even look a woman in the eye.

If he is closer to that side of Judaism than it makes sense why he doesn’t even want to touch girls arms.

Most Importantly, Shout Out To Bernie For Being Declared The New Political Chad On Twitter

virgin hover hand


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