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Ashley Tisdale Matty B Have A Quick Fling In Miami?

ashley tisdale matty b

Reports have been coming out, and we expect more to come through the day. Ashley Tisdale Matty B rumors have come out that the twi likely spent the night together at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami sometime in mid-August. 

Right now there isn’t too much evidence to show that the two got hot and heavy when they ran into each other in Miami. But it’s also a little strange that neither of them will refute or confirm the claims. 

The concept of Ashley Tisdale and Matty B having a scandalous affair is, on the surface laughable. 

Ashley Tisdale Matty B Is It For Real?

ashley tisdale matty b

Why would Ashley Tisdale be attracted to the rapper and YouTube star in the first place? 

I mean Ashley Tisdale is a 36 year old woman. Matty B just turned 18 in January. Which could be all the more while it took so long for this steamy romance to finally bubble over. Ashley had to wait until Matty was of age before she could get her claws into him. 

Putting aside that Ashley Tisdale’s attraction to the rapper is strange because of the age gap, it is also strange because we KNOW Matty B has been thinking about Ashley Tisdale for a LONG time. 

We’re all hoping this rumor is just a joke. But given the text messages we have seen it’s becoming pretty apparent that the two met up in Miami on at least one occasion. 

What Does Ashley Tisdale See In 18 Year Old Matty B?

ashley tisdale matty b

Things are of course further complicated by Ashley Tisdale’s current relationship status. 

Now Matty B the rapper is 18 years old. So there is no legal repercussions at play here. BUT-

The 36 year old actress/singer is married, and just gave birth to a Daughter in March. 

Could it be recent stresses from being a new mother causing the older actress to act out? We are all hoping these rumors are untrue. 

But if it turns out that Ashley Tisdale and Matty B the rapper had a romp sesh in Miami, that’s nothing short of a little embarrassing for Ashley. And if confirmed, we would not be surprised to see divorce papers following.


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