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Antifa Declares The City Of Portland A “Sovereign State”

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The old expression rings true here. Give ’em an inch, and they will take a mile. Well the Antifa rioters in Portland have done just that. First they had their boxed off area. They expanded.

Now, the Antifa division leader of Portland, Sammie Miles, has declared to Portland officials the city is no loner under their control.

Sammie Miles reportedly screamed outside the Portland Police Union “The old establishment burns, we are the new establishment. Portland is ours, a sovereign nation. Sovereign nation! We do not listen to your rules!”

It was around this time that the Portland Police Department was ready to declare this a “riot” instead of a protest.

There has been plenty of discussion from Antifa supporters in regards to the “kidnappings” taking place in Portland. Videos showing police officers throwing rioters into vans started circulating.

However it is hard to imagine that tensions between police and Portland protestors, no declared rioters, has become frustrating.

Tonight they once again set fire to the Police Union.

After tonight, Portland will be entering it’s 73rd straight day of protesting.

It’s time to call in some actual back-up. Portland has lost control of it’s city.

U.S. Prosecutors Do Not Charge Portland Protesters With Antifa ...

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage has been done so far. Civilians and police officer alike injured. Portland is beginning to look less like a protest or a riot. And more like a revolution.

Portland protesters have burned down police precincts 3 times now.


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