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NYC May See Another City Lockdown In August

nyc lockdown august

UPDATE, 9:27 PM, 7/29: de Blasio has mandated all city workers provide proof of vaccination or face termination.

UPDATE, 10:03 PM, 7/29: In a last effort to avoid another NYC lockdown, de Blasio is now offering cash ($100) to NYC residents who make an appointment tomorrow (Friday) for a vaccination. – Source

“Given the un-expected spikes in the delta strain across NYC, Upstate New York, and Hudson County NJ, we expect the numbers on Monday to be close to an all-time high.

It is important that we initiate a city wide lockdown before summer is through, preferably before August, if we want any chance of lowering this spread before we spike again in September to an astronomical number of cases and again load our hospitals up.” 

nyc lockdown august
St. Annes Festival In Hoboken This Weekend

The delta variant has been found in over 57% of NYC positive samples this weekend alone- Source

Governor Cuomo has come out to plead with New Yorkers to get the vaccine. As it will be the only way to avoid a NYC lockdown. 

“With every unvaccinated person in our state, in our nation, comes an opportunity for the COVID virus to mutate. The vaccine is the best weapon we have against this beast, and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to get your shot,” Cuomo said.

“New Yorkers have proven themselves tough, and the vaccine has proven itself effective. Protect yourself and your loved ones and get vaccinated today.” – Source

This strain has been described as the biggest threat to the American public since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio is pushing for more vaccines to get out as well. Now offering free in-home visits.

But if vaccination rates aren’t at 80% or above by August 1st, New Yorkers should prepare for another NYC lockdown. 

nyc lockdown August
Central Park This Weekend

“In-home vaccinations are now available to all New York City residents, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday, marking the latest push to make immunization more convenient as the prevalence of the delta variant rises stokes new concerns.” – Source

As of this writing the vaccination rate in NYC is at around 56%. It is highly unlikely we will be reaching 80% by the end of the month. So we can expect the NYC August lockdown.

What To Expect For The NYC Lockdown In August

NYC residents can expect the same restrictions that were put in place during the last NYC lockdown. 

All non-essential businesses will be closed. 

Mask mandates will be reenacted as well as the 10pm curfew. There will be a pause on both indoor and outdoor dining however takeout and delivery will still be an option. 

NYC officials and the NYPD are already aware of the extra challenges they will face this time around. 

The NYPD expects less compliance with the NYC lockdown measures this time around. 

“It’s summer in New York City. People want to be outside. But on top of that, people are getting a little annoyed by this. Especially those who have already been vaccinated” 

nyc lockdown august

That last point is a big one. There were expectations by some who followed all of the protocols. One of those expectations was to be living in a city free of restrictions. 

What To Do To Prepare For The NYC Lockdown

Sources from Today’s Five don’t expect news of the lockdown to be released before next Friday. That means there is still a week to beat the mad dash to the grocery store that is sure to follow. 

Still, there is no reason to panic buy. Just ensure you have the essentials. 

  • Gallons of Water
  • Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
  • Canned Food
  • Ensure You Have Proper Cooling (Preparation ie. Extra Fan Incase Air Conditioner Breaks, etc.)

How Long Will The NYC Lockdown Last? 

The lockdown, like the past two, has no definitive timeline. 

Day to day the rate of new cases will be evaluated. And decisions will be made along the way. Proof of vaccination will be required for travelers.

NYC officials have assured our sources that although a NYC lockdown for August is not ideal (for many reasons), it is the only way to ensure the city is safe when the colder months arrive. 

A Global Influence

It’s clear that government officials around the world, including NYC, are seeing the death and case tolls rise in Australia and New Zealand. 

Thus prompting discussions of the NYC lockdown for August. Despite how excited we all were to open up.

Officials like de Blasio and Cuomo want to get ahead of things. And initiate similar lockdowns to Australia and New Zealand before things get rampant and it is too late. 

“New Zealand is shutting down the quarantine-free travel bubble with Australia for two months, as the country grapples with a number of serious outbreaks of Covid-19.

The country had already paused travel with the states of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

The new pause applies to all of Australia for the next eight weeks.
At a press briefing on Friday, prime minister Jacinda Ardern said because of the Delta variant there was “greater risk now … than when we opened the travel bubble”. – Source


  1. How many of new covid cases are of vaccinated people?
    How is this new “variant” identified, where is the sample of the isolated virus that isn’t computer simulated from random genetics found in someon?
    What percentage of new cases are unvaccinated?
    None of this adds up. If most unvaccinated people have natural herd immunity, and vaccines work how can these numbers be real unless they are turning up cycles of invalid PCR tests.. what test are they using to confirm this data?

  2. Once again it’s the big city far left democrats manipulating the public. Why can’t we the people get clear realistic data. CDC, Fauci and these 2 NYC leaders have no clear answers for anyone besides LOCKDOWN!
    Vaccines work, but you need a mask.
    Vaccines work, but can get DELTA-VID
    FDA only approved this for emergency use due to a pandemic. Does it actually work if we’re being told to wear a mask? Social distance?
    How many false tests? How many people actually RECOVERED instead of how many died! Are hospitals still being paid the so called $39,000 per COVID death!
    How about Dr. Fauci being held responsible for his emails! False claims! Irresponsible out bursts when being questioned!
    Isn’t Cuomo out of office yet?? Right, still under investigation for harassment.
    How about getting real unbiased answers instead of letting these puppeteers act as dictators?
    Now DiBlasio is threatening to take civil service jobs away from people who need income. Being vaccinated is optional!!!!
    Don’t forget the people who can’t or are being advised not to get the vaccine due to already compromised immune systems.


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