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Andrew Cuomo Agrees To Shirtless Photoshoot With GQ Magazine

andrew cuomo photoshoot

Well it’s official. I’m not sure if it’s for publicity or his ego, but the son-of-a-governor has finally announced that he WILL do the shirtless photo shoot with GQ. After all the back and forth it’s really happening. The new young fans of Andrew Cuomo will finally get that all to personal look at America’s new favorite governor that they have been waiting for. The Andrew Cuomo photoshoot is happening. – GQ

GQ’s offer to run a photoshoot with Andrew Cuomo came after reports that the Cuomo brothers had been voted more desirable than the JONAS BROTHERS. This is a real fact. And makes it actually believable the GQ wanted Andrew Cuomo to come into their studio without a shirt on. Without that detail, none of this would make sense.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Twitter Wonders If He's Got Pierced Nipples ...

Important side note. I guess we’ll finally get the truth about those “pepperoni/nipple rings“. Does Andrew Cuomo have a nipple ring? I think that’s what we all are waiting to find out.

Apparently when the offer from GQ came in for the August edition the Cuomo administration laughed it off as a joke. Until it was revealed that they not only want Andrew Cuomo for a 3 page pull-out, they want to put him on the cover. Shirtless. With the cover of GQ on the table, Cuomo agreed. I mean how could he say no? Is it not every mans dream?

But Mario Is Out

Mario Cuomo turned down the offer to appear in the magazine shoot with his brother. Which is definitely interesting considering he should be the brother looking for magazine roles. I mean, he is like the actual famous one, right? Whatever, an Andrew Cuomo photoshoot is good enough for this country right now.

The brothers Cuomo | Spectator USA

Regardless, Andrew Cuomo fanatics can expect to see the Cuomo pecs by August. The public opinion on his nips, that will be a whole different story.

We all know Andrew Cuomo is dedicated to his fight against Coronavirus as well as his constant reminders of social distancing. We see him daily in his briefings in New York. Well, now we know where he will be off camera. Back at home on the Bowflex, getting those triceps ready.

Andrew Cuomo photoshoot. On GQ. Can 2020 get weirder?


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