Beanie babies, cabbage patch kids, silver, so many collectibiles from the 90s-early 2000’s were expected to be over 10x their original value right now. Even baseball cards (aside from the God tier cards) aren’t really holding value. So I was quite surprised to see that relatively valuable Pokemon Cards of all things from that era are still selling like hotcakes.

Not just any Pokemon Cards. Exclusively the first ones, the nostalgic ones for people my age. The ones that nerds held onto for years and years.

Then again, it kind of makes sense. Our generation has a little money now, people who never grew up can buy all the cards they want now.

In that same vein, these basement-dwellers won’t have money for cards forever. If you own any of these 5, I suggest you sell now because I don’t see them getting much higher, if at all.

Number 5. 90’s Meowth Pokemon Jungle Individual Card (56/64)

Meowth was a common card, that’s why I put him on here. Because a LOT of you might have one. King of relatively valuable Pokemon cards. If you do have one, quick get online and get 250 bananas!

Number 4. First Edition Holographic (Shadow) Early 90’s Machamp

I know it is highly unlikely you own this one, but I know I saw kids who had it in elementary school. So if you’re reading, PLEASE CASH IN LOOK AT THAT PRICE. Now back on to the tier of relatively valuable Pokemon cards

Number 3. First Edition Holographic (Shadow) Early 90’s Machamp

I KNOW a lot of you have to have this guy. Listed at almost $90 brand new, you can be rest assured you can net at least 50 bucks from this card.

Number 2. 1st Edition Rocket’s Scyther Holo Gym Heroes Set

Who’s still got that OG Rocket Scyther? This thing brings back memories but if I could find this bad boy I’d trade those memories for $80 real quick.

Number 1. 1st Ddition Bulbasaur 90s Pokémon Card

In the theme of relatively valuable Pokemon cards, I’ll be ending this post with a card that a high majority of childhood collectors have AT LEAST come across at some point. Got this super common guy? Trade that for a few months of free Netflix!


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