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5 Best Healing Crystals For Anxiety

healing crystals for anxiety

Today, it seems as if everyone struggles with some form of anxiety. Whether you’ve been feeling anxious about school, the future, or just an overall sense of anxiousness, it’s important to help alleviate these feelings to live your best life. I know it’s easier said than done—but there are many options out there to help. And the best healing crystals for anxiety are at your disposal. If you’ve struggled with anxiety, you know how crippling it can feel and how much of your life can be affected by it.

If you’ve tried everything, from exercise, changing the way you eat, or even getting new bangs—there are still a few options for you to try. Crystals have been popularized as of late due to their aesthetic and spiritual qualities. Yes, it’s true, crystals can really have an energetic influence over your life. Crystals are containers of energy, and this energy is abundant and everlasting.

They are like a battery that contains a specific intention or charge, and when they are in your possession, they can help empower their energy in your life. Everything in the Universe is made of energy.

healing crystals for anxiety

Some energy is potent and powerful, and other energy is weak or dull. Crystals are powerfully energetic, so they can have such a profound effect on people.

Anxiety manifests a weakened aspect of energy caused by stress, trauma, thoughts, and emotions.

When you bring crystals into your life, they will begin to automatically attune your power to them because they are that powerful. Soon, the weakened energy within you that’s causing your anxiousness will become more whole and in alignment with the frequency of power within the crystal.

Using crystals to help alleviate anxiety is a powerful tool you can use to help with any feelings of stress, anxiousness, fear, and worry. At first, it may be overwhelming going to a crystal shop, trying to find the right crystal to help you.

Not to worry, I’ve gathered five of my favorite crystals for anxiety to make it easier for you to find one that resonates. Here are five crystals that anyone struggling with anxiety might like to try.

These are the best healing crystals for anxiety based on personal use and community input. Along with these specific crystals, I include ways you can incorporate them into your life to help you better harness their healing energies.

Follow along below if you’re ready to welcome in peace and ease with healing crystals for anxiety.

The 5 Best Healing Crystals For Anxiety

5. Amethyst

One of the best crystals for anxiety is amethyst—and not just because it’s shiny and purple. Amethyst helps alleviate anxiety by calming the nervous system. When our nervous systems are sensitive, it can cause all sorts of havoc in our lives.

This beautiful stone’s name comes from the Greek meaning “not intoxicate” because it was believed that amethyst had the power to protect a person from drunkenness. This was usually used in cases where someone had become dependent on alcohol or any substance.

When someone is dependent on a substance, an underlying cause creates this attachment. Often, it’s because of the nervous system’s sensitivity to the world, which creates the need to numb our nerves.

Well, numbing yourself might not be the best route to help your anxiety. But amethyst doesn’t numb your nerves; it calms them. This crystal also helps promote feelings of protection within your life, allowing you to feel a sense of comfort. Amethyst can also help you become inspired again.

What has anxiety prevented you from doing?

Maybe it’s going out and dancing or spending time with your friends that don’t seem to have the same struggles with anxiety as you do (or so you think). Bringing this crystal into your life will help you get back to the person you were before the nervousness and worry.

– Keep a piece of amethyst under your pillow at night, as this helps you get a good night’s rest. Although, be prepared for some of the most vivid dreams you’ve ever had!

– Take an amethyst bath by placing a piece of this crystal in your bathwater. Water is known to purify any negative feelings and emotions. When you pair water with amethyst, you have a powerful force that helps purify your mind, calm your thoughts, and balance your emotions.

4. Rose Quartz

There’s nothing more comforting than the love of our mothers. You have to admit, no matter how old we get, sometimes having our mother hug us and tell us everything will be okay is all we need to feel better about a situation. For anyone who doesn’t have that option, rose quartz is the next best thing! Rose quartz is a rosy-pink crystal found all over the world.

For ages, it’s been labelled the “Mothering Stone” because it holds the energy of unconditional love, acceptance, and support, much like a mother does for her children.

This beautiful crystal also promotes feelings of self-love, which may be the root of specific anxieties. If you sometimes struggle with your self-image, rose quartz can help you see all of the beautiful things about yourself.

rose quartz

Your self-worth can also be enhanced by incorporating this crystal into your life, which can help you feel more confident in your everyday life.

Your anxieties will no match the powerful love that rose quartz provides for you. For anyone going through grief or feelings of loss, this crystal is a magnificent tool to heal these aspects of yourself. Sometimes, after a loss, we cannot see the beauty that still exists within our lives. Rose quartz will help remind you of all the aspects of your life that there is to love.

Other Benefits Of Rose Quartz Healing Crystal In Terms Of Anxiety

  • Wear a rose quartz necklace with a pendant near your heart center. This will help heal any feelings regarding love or self-worth and raise the energy within your heart.
  • Drink rose quartz water—yes, I said “drink.” Now, it’s important to note that you can’t drink just any crystal water because of safety and health concerns. But, quartz-based crystals are strong enough not to break off into the water.
  • For safety measures, you may also set a piece of rose quartz on top of a pitcher or bottle of water to enhance its properties. Doing so will fill the water with healing, loving, and accepting energy. As you drink the water, your body’s energy will become a match to these feelings.

3. Moonstone

Moonstone is a lustrous crystal that has a solid connection to lunar energy.

The moon influences our emotions—you may have noticed feeling excited on the day of a full moon. Moonstone is excellent for helping balance your digestive system. It seems like everyone has something issues, and stomach issues often lead to anxiety.

healing crystals for anxiety

Our stomach is sometimes referred to as our second brain because of the number of nerves within it. Anyone that has stomach problems will often have anxiety issues because of the stress on the nervous system in the stomach.

Moonstone can help alleviate these nerves and help calm the digestive tract, helping you feel more relaxed and at ease. This beautiful stone is also known for helping bring clarity to the mind. For days where it seems impossible to let go of your intrusive thoughts, keeping a pice of moonstone near you can help silence them.

Moonstone also works excellent to promote deep, healthy sleep. This crystal works by shutting down the mind, relaxing the body, and getting you into a state that allows you to relax fully. It’s like nature’s sleeping pill, only shiny and pretty to look at.

Other Benefits Of Moonstone Healing Crystal In Terms Of Anxiety

– Keep a piece of moonstone under your pillow at night. Having it under your pillow and near your head will help you drift off into a restful sleep when you lay down to rest. Your dreams will be more vivid, and you’ll be able to enter deep sleep more easily. Keeping a moonstone under your pillow also helps you feel more energized in the morning!

– Meditate with a small piece of moonstone resting on your third eye or stomach area. In a meditative state, imagine the energy of the stone going into any area of your body where your anxiety exists. Feel the moonstone’s energy-releasing stress and discomfort throughout your body. Moonstone is very powerful, making it one of the best crystals for anxiety out there.

2. Tiger’s Eye

Sometimes, the root of our anxieties is based on our self-confidence and our instability. We’ve all been there, going through our days, feeling a little unhinged—but not quite sure why.

tigers eye healing crystal

Whatever the reason, the tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone that can help relieve these feelings. Tiger’s eye helps boost your confidence as it illuminates the aspects of you that you may have previously felt insecure about and allows you to view them as strengths rather than weaknesses.

This stone also helps ground your energy, which is essential for having balanced thoughts and emotions. When you are grounded, you can see things clearly for what they are and not be influenced by negative emotions.

If you have problems feeding into your own illusions or making impulsive decisions based on your emotion—tiger’s eye is for you.

Another great benefit to the tiger’s eye is that it increases your willpower. This is an excellent crystal for anxiety for anyone who fears public speaking or any social situation.

Your confidence and ability to put yourself out there will be enhanced, and you will feel like a brand new version of yourself.

healing crystals for anxiety

Other Benefits Of Tiger’s Eye Healing Crystal In Terms Of Anxiety

  • If you have an event happening in a social setting, keeping a piece of a tiger’s eye in your pocket can help you remain confident and grounded. You may also wish to keep a small piece in your shoe in order to increase its growing effects.
  • Hold a piece of a tiger’s eye while speaking words of affirmation. Doing this will help enhance the affirmations within your life and help you believe the words in truth. You will be able to see yourself in the way your affirmations describe and help transform your self-image.

1. Green Aventurine

There are many reasons someone may have anxiety, and sometimes it stems from their relationship with money. In a perfect world, we would have everything we ever wanted and have the financial means to do so. But that’s not how life works, unfortunately. Thankfully, green aventurine is the best crystal for anxiety about money.

green aventurine

This emerald green stone helps draw prosperity into your life. Whether through receiving gifts, a raise at work, or that friend who owes you $100 finally paying you back, green aventurine has you covered.

Green Aventurine also helps promote luckiness in your life. You will feel as if the Universe finally has your back and provides you with experiences you’ve always hoped for.

You’ll be in the right place at the right time, receive favors and benefits you’ve never had before, and have newfound hope for life. This stone also holds very soothing energy. So, if you’re stressed or going through a time dealing with negative emotions, green aventurine will help calm your nerves and bring in more positive, loving emotions.

Spiritually, green is the color associated with unconditional love. Anyone having anxiety due to a lack of love for themselves or others will notice an uplifting effect from this stone.

Other Benefits Of Green Aventurine Healing Crystal In Terms Of Anxiety

– Keep a piece of green aventurine in your wallet to help with your financial anxieties. Doing so will help attract abundance and financial security into your life.

– Bring a piece of green aventurine with you throughout your day, either in your pocket or on a piece of jewelry. The longer you wear it, the more luck you’ll radiate, attracting wonderful experiences into your life.


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