“There’s More To Choi Than Meets The Eye” – Who Is Choi From Insatiable?

Who is Choi from insatiable? As usual… straight to the facts-

Who Is Choi From Insatiable?

So I did a little research, as I normally would. I came to find the actor who plays Choi is, did you guess it? Daniel Kang.

who is choi from insatiable

Daniel Kang’s IMDB

Check it out for yourself. The kid’s done nothing. Not even what I expected to find, a nod for his performance as character actor in The Grudge. They could have just thrown him that one. Cmon academy!

who is choi from insatiable
Daniel will have his revenge one day…

Seriously this guys IMDB is as short as a hot girl’s Tinder profile.

But let’s be real who is Choi from Insatiable? He’s the dude I’m jealous of for the next 20 minutes or until I forget about him. He just made it. Kid locked up a controversial Netflix Original and PROBABLY became friends with Debby Ryan with two indy flicks and a homemade stop-motion film reenacting Toy Story 2.  He’s gonna be swimming.

What Else Can We Say About Choi From Insatiable?

who is choi from insatiable

So with literally nothing else on existence on this kid this Netflix Original is all we really got. So, who is Choi from Insatiable? For now, it is exactly who he is.

Until his career continues. Luckily with such a stale role he can now go any direction. Work as a network actor for idk WB or ION as the smart scientist in the crime or sci-fi show. Or work on your moves and be this generations Jackie Chan! (We need one, this role is NOT often available). Or of course late night prank shows are an option.

who is choi from insatiable

And Choi is cool with that. Because Choi is Choi.

Also Patty showed Choi her boobs once. Patty is crazy. How did the two of them end up becoming friends… like out of nowhere it was like “haha, hop in bestie!”

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