Everyone Is Missing The Genius Behind ‘Insatiable’, Netflix’s Newest Creation

The long awaited “controversial” Netflix Original Insatiable has finally come out. Like everyone else in America I spent this weekend binging out with the insane Fatty Patty. And let me tell you, Insatiable is genius. I wasn’t going to do it. But the Insatiable reviews by LITERALLY every outlet are biased and clearly pandering to the supporters of the “triggered” community. Let this Insatiable review be a refresher. I am not paid to pander to the self-righteous, though I do thank them for turning me on to this work of art. So here it is. An absolutely Insatiable review to show the haters why Insatiable is genius. I get the vibe this will end up being a 1-season and done cult-following type show (due to the hate), but I’ll be pulling for a season 2.

Reason #1: Insatiable Is Genius: The First Form Of Television Of It’s Kind

Hear me out here. If you watched the season you understand.

I know we all wanted to write insatiable immediately as trash because of the shows vibe, a vibe that is so familiar and cliche it comes off as almost simplistic, maybe even shallow. There is a reason Insatiable feels familiar to you. And there is a reason why the producers chose to set it up this way.

Image result for boardroom science
It’s a careful science really…

The beginning of the season feels familiar because you’ve pretty much seen it already. The camera work, the quick cuts, cute eccentric actors, and cheesy jokes as a cherry on top have Insatiable mirroring a mundane over-excited Disney channel show while striving for (and purposefully failing at) a low quality CW type drama. It really is the most profound and relevant combination of uber-specific television “genres” that humanity has ever seen. Which is why this kind of Insatiable review is needed.

I put television “genres” in quotes because any type of television “genre”, whether it be a dramatic hospital romance or a 3-camera sitcom, has devolved from “genre” into more of a cookie-cutter formula that is followed by virtually every program on air.

insatiable review
That’s SO not Insatiable

Insatiable pretends to follow a similar mold, and then completely shatters it.

In the same way South Park cleverly disguised itself as a stupid cartoon only to then air social commentary on the stupidity of America, Insatiable starts off like a Disney channel show that was conceived in a boardroom flowing with cocaine and awful ideas. Judging off the trailer the plot seems uninteresting at best. Fat girl loses weight and somehow becomes super super hot (because that’s how that works), by chance she is discovered by an esteemed Beauty Pageant Coach, and together they save each others lives and learn that being thin and hot is the answer! And it’s even starring Debby Ryan!

Image result for insatiable
Take away the Netflix logo and you would probably guess this was a Disney Channel Movie

So in starting this series one is expecting a poppy, funny, and light high school drama. That and it had a lot of controversy before it was released so you were totally going to watch it.

While it was dancing on the border of darkness from the get-go, the show maintained it’s innocent facade through a good portion of the first episode. Despite the fact that 2 minutes in we see Fatty Patty collapse to the gymnasium floor after her classmate loudly announces “It smells like bacon.” At this point the audience still believes Patty’s weight is relevant.

Of course, this means it took about 2 minutes for SJWs and other various twitter cults to voice their absolute disgust for the show and it’s “message.” (How a person could think to know the message of a show 2 minutes into a 12 episode series is beyond me).

“HATE WATCHING”… that’s a new one. I like it. I think that’s my new term for what Met’s fans do at 7PM on weekdays.

I’m digressing here.

You have to wait a little bit, but towards the end you’ll see this is FAR from a Disney show. Patty explains how much she wants to get revenge on the homeless guy who punched her in the face. Her plan? Have sex with him. And then dump him so he feels rejected.

Related image

Of course feminists on twitter went into outrage. BUT THIS IS CLEAR SATIRE. Up until this moment Insatiable did not give the audience any indication that our angel of a main character would so quickly turn so raunchy. It completely set the tone for the rest of the series. And I was ready to buckle up.

Soon after she almost kills the guy by dousing him in alcohol and thinking about setting him on fire, indirectly causes him to almost die, and then arguably kills him.

Halfway through the season the “typical hot mysterious new guy in school” ends up being a total fuckin psychopath. Something about info being dug up about him in Brazil and out of nowhere he turns is Oscar Pistorius right in the hallway. Shoves the lesbian friend to ground and looks just about ready to kill Debby until Brick (is he a really bad actor or is his character secretly supposed to be struggling with a xanax addiction) steps in and saves the day.

I also don’t understand why Brick is so easily able to take on a fired up Christian who is A. out of his mind and B. way bigger.

Image result for swiper no swiping
  Brick getting Christian to stop touching Patty again

When Patty pulls up to the parking lot and finds Christian waiting there, it literally turns into a James Patterson movie. Down to the change in music and everything.

     Oh, is that all Christian?

Christian has now gone full psycho. He’s saying things that real psychos would say is kind of weird. Like that the kidnapped body he brought her being a “romantic gesture”, as he called it. That’s what cats do. Then he suggested they could “do the kill together”. He went from Ray Rice to Hannibal Lector in less than an episode. The change in mood at this point is so drastic it is undoubtedly satire. It almost seems to be a challenge to see what happens when you start a screenplay as a Disney Channel plot, and have it eventually switch over into a twisted horror.

Even Debby Ryan’s acting when she realizes the severity of the situation, that type of horror movie acting is way out of the realm of Disney. Oh and she beat Christian to death with a crowbar too while she sobbed and chanted “I’M A GOOD PERSON!!”….. That’s not very Disney like either.

And Debby Ryan stop being SO CRAZY. I WANT to like you.

Related image

So Bob shows up acting like Rob Kardashian (the father not the son, Patty is OJ in this analogy for anyone not following), 2 murder confessions, a failed disposal, and a few hysterical freak-outs later and the series pans out. We are no longer near Disney territory, controversial territory, or any territory that has ever been explored for that matter. We’ve seen shows take turns and turn peachy to sour sure. But never in this fashion. Never has the plot line been so purposefully and yet pointlessly followed considering its purpose was to be completely abandoned in exchange for a shocking reveal and then an entire change of direction.

We are led to believe that the plot will be about a high school girl losing weight in a freak accident an adjusting to modern High School in her new body. At the end of season 1 we are left with a shot that looks like it came from an independent Quentin Tarantino movie:

Basically, people need to not judge this by its seemingly superficial cover. The cover is essential for the entire piece of art that is Insatiable. People want to hate it because it looks all Hannah Montana and ‘look how cool it is to be skinny and happy’. (For the record I love Hannah Montana). But the truth is Insatiable only disguises itself as this. I think it’s part of the reason they decided to cast Debby Ryan. (Which will bring me to Reason #2)

Reason #2: Netflix’s Production And Marketing Of Insatiable Was Pure Genius

Way to read the wave, Netflix. Finally someone took advantage of the trend.

They released the trailer. Waited 20 minutes. And got the response they expected/hoped for:

Image result for sjw triggered

Our society is, and always has been, about 40-45% book burners. Meaning if they think something is evil/wrong/dangerous they will either try to get it banned or make an uproar about it. This strictly depends on your position of power, mostly people have no choice and go with uproar. And most of the uproar is on Twitter and other social media. But a lot of Twitter. This is also why people are under the false impression that book burners are “coming back”. They never left.

Image result for book burners
Chinese Book Burners In 221 BC

Nowadays, it happens to be broken into to main groups. The full-blown bible hugging conservatives, and the extremely far-left to the point of absurdity SJW’s. The latter of which is what got the ball rolling this time.

So for all the haters who haven’t even given it a chance:

Please watch the show. Skip the Insatiable reviews. They are extremely biased, pandering to the SJW community. 2 episodes in you will quickly realize it is completely absurd. An absurdity disguised as a take on modern society. It’s a genius form of entertainment given today’s environment and likewise a brilliant marketing ploy for the same reasons. If you are offended, please realize you are voluntarily making yourself part of the “joke”.

The “fat shaming” isn’t even there. The trailer has literally nothing to do with the show. They hate the formula as much as you do. So lighten up and enjoy some absurdity and satire.

Reason #3: Insatiable Is Actually Extremely Socially Progressive

This last section I really just want to throw in again for the judgmental type. Turns from less of an Insatiable review to an applause.

The show is full of a southern town acting completely normal about very progressive that in a lot of places are considered controversial topics even today.

We have interracial couples, gay couples, polygymous relationships, all without anyone batting an eyelash.

It’s the beautiful irony of it all. The show that SJW’s have been lining up to petition against, actually features a Georgia cop approving of his lesbian daughter dating an overweight black woman. Netflix, I don’t care what they say about you, you know what you are doing!


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