Trusted News Outlets Like “The Hill” Need To Stop Furthering The Divide Of This Country

Going to try and keep this short. I have bigger projects to work on. But I came across a tweet today that made me lose a lot of respect for one of my more trusted news outlets. So this post is for The Hill. Shame on you guys. After all the articles you put out explaining the issues that identity politics and how polarized this country is right now, and how dangerous that can be, how could you choose to do this? Sensationalize and polarize a headline for a story you know nothing about?

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Was it for the clicks? Is that what your goal is now? If so, you are nothing more than BuzzFeed to me.

I guess before I keep ranting I’ll start explaining.

Yesterday, I saw this humorous Barstool post on my Instagram feed. I went to the desktop article to make sure that Barstool was the first to “report” on this “story”.

Now Barstool Sports is known for being extremely brash, insensitive, and above all else, based around a business model of humor. They do not claim to be reporters of facts or journalists, just casual and relatable social commentators.

From the headline alone you can see the hyperbolic and sensationalist/over-the-top style they aim for.

Here is the video if you are so inclined:

And the final commentary Barstool had on the topic:

“So the lesson today is if you don’t want to get shamed on the internet for snitching on a kid trying to become a bottled water mogul brick-by-brick, make sure you have a Harry Potter invisibility cloak with you. Or just look in the mirror and think “Do I really want to take a chance of going viral as one of the most hated people on the planet because of some good old fashioned permit whistleblowing or do I want to go to brunch?”. The answer should always be “brunch”. I hope the police actually did end up at the scene of the “crime”, looked at her phone, and threw her in the paddy wagon for any music that just MIGHT have been illegally downloaded.

*If this woman has any money invested in a food truck that can’t sell any drinks because it is being undercut by some ruthless 8-year-old flexing her capitalistic muscles all in this lady’s face, I take back exactly 50% of the vitriol I used in this blog. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a lowlife snitch. But when it comes to moving product (water) on a hot Cali day, there are rules to the game” – Barstool 

That was Barstools hot take on the video, and the extent of their coverage on the story THEY found and the video THEY caused to go viral yesterday around 4PM.

Their hot take? If the police showed up at the scene of the “crime” (even Barstool puts crime in quotes) then the woman who called should be hassled for something equally ridiculous (downloading illegal music). In fact they even threw her a bone at the end. Giving her the possibility that she is actually a street vendor trying to make sales. And like Barstool said so elegantly, there are rules to the bottled water game on hot days in Cali.

Now as for The Hill.

Less than two hours after this, The Hill takes this story, and reposts it. Except they decided to just add an extremely polarizing headline and make this a race thing.

What the hell???? I thought you guys were trying to UNPOLARIZE this country?

Very Professional, Much Journalism. Good Job The Hill!

For all we know she just found out her kid has cancer, or she got fired, and is displacing her anger on strangers like a crazy person. Does that justify her actions? No, like I said, she’s crazy. Crazy people will always exist and always have. But that does not mean it is automatically a race thing. Like seriously are you kidding me? Just plug in their skin colors to try and generate some traction in the comment section? Even Barstool took a higher road than that…. Let that sink in….

Also I don’t think there is even confirmation of the girl being black. Barstool never mentioned it and that’s our only source. Since I’m not trusting The Hill anymore. The article wasn’t even a race thing, it was about the video. So they knew it had nothing to do with race. They just add in black/white to get the polytards fighting and get the Twitter exposure up. I get the game The Hill. I just thought you were above it.



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