Trump Didn’t Win The Election, The DNC Lost The Election For Him

As the dawn turned to day, and the sun rose on the morning of November 9th, both coasts of America woke up to shocking news. Chaos ensued. But to those with sanity still in one piece, it was clear what had really happened. Trump didn’t win the election anymore than the DNC blew it. In other words, Trump was simply elected by default after being put up against a delusional party known as the DNC.

Now I’m not some lunatic in denial that Trump won. I won’t even say Trump Didn’t win the election because of popular vote, gerrymandering, etc. No. This goes back to the DNC. And every wrong move they made.

trump didn't win the election
Even though Trump has advocated for revolutions after politicians win with a smaller popular vote…

Trump got put in office. It’s been two years. What has changed? We’re stil involved in the Middle East, gun-control and healthcare are at a standstill, a new tax plan favoring the rich while pleasing the lower-middle class and keeping them happy. Sounds like standard Republican policy to me. But hey, he’s still got 2 more years to “drain-the-swap”, right? More white women voted for Trump than Hillary Hm, guess that blows your whole “voters like candidates that look like them” theory out of the water.

Voters like candidates they can IDENTIFY with. Obama wasn’t just black. He was relocatable and human.

Trump Didn’t Win The Election, So How Could The DNC Not Have Won This?

First of all, they could have won this by being in touch with the on-goings of an average American life to any sort of degree. These “people” (who should be fired by now), not only assumed the white woman vote (Wrong) they ALSO took an outrageous wild assumption for granted, that they would retain all the African-American votes from the previous election….

trump didn't win the election
Even Swaggy P Knows That Don’t Make No Sense


Do you know how many African-Americans registered that year only to vote for Obama? To see a black man they could identify with finally in the office? Did you really think that all those African-Americans were now bleeding heart liberals just because they registered as democratic last time around?

And what’s even more laughable? They assumed that Obama’s victory meant voters chose based on who looked like them? Or you guys insane? You assumed the women vote because Hillary is a women (and 40% robot).


Arican- Americans registered as dems in record numbers so they could vote Obama in the primaries. Did you assume they were now democratic candidate voters for life? Who were they voting against? HILLARY! How is this entire committee so thick! How are they SO out of touch with reality. The Clintons were behind Stop-And-Frisk for Christ’s sake. Do they not realize minoroites and the gay rightd activists hate her? She went from racist homophobe to minority and gay rights supporter within the last 10 years. Of course they don’t trust you!

trump didn't win the election
People were going out of their way just to NOT vote Hillary…

Trump spoke to the working class, and he opened up the 7% demographic that the the Republicans were missing to take over the election. The Rush Limbaugh cult, the Alex Jones listeners, the community of nut-job right wingers that have been growing for decades. Republicans wouldn’t associate with them. But Trump was willing to. That’s for another article though… Trump didn’t win the election he timed it out right and took it.

The DNC could have beat Trump if they pitted him against Bernie.

But Bernie Lost In The Primaries?

Of course Bernie lost in the Primaries. But the primaries at the DNC is basically Kangroo Court. There is no obligation by the party to choose the nominee that the people actually want. They know this would upset Democratic voters so instead of explaining it that way, they created an algorithm to make it seem like she was picked by the people.

trump didn't win the election
Bernie Never Stood A Chance….

Why Bernie Would Have Won?

He had energy. He was crazy, enthusiastic, and carried a crowd just as loud as Trump.

Bernie was the anti-Trump. As far-right as Trump would go, Bernie would go just as far left?

Trump says build a wall? Bernie says free community college!

Opposite spectrum’s. Equal support and not only equal energy, but equally rapidly rising energy.

Bernie was the Harry Potter we needed to take on Voldemort if we wanted a chance. Instead, we nominated Hermione.

trump didn't win the election
Why DNC??? She doesn’t even have the Resurrection Stone!!

This has nothing to do with sexism. Hermione would be perfectly qualified. But she is robotic and out of touch. Like Hillary.

Bernie had college kids who never cared about elections going door-to-door to campaign for Bernie for free. Without any direction or influence from the DNC. It was a self moving wheel… why would they break it?

Once Hillary won the nomination energy among Democrats plateaud. Meanwhile, Trump supporters were doubling by the week.

With democrats so sure that Trump couldn’t pull it off, they put in Hillary, and democratic supporters said “oh well, Hillary it is.” No more free campaigning. In fact, may of these “democrats” were so ticked off at how the caucus was held that they voted Trump purely out of spite.

Trump didn’t win the election. The DNC shot themselves in the foot, knee, and then throat and handed the election over to him.

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