LEAKED Photos of Miley Cyrus From 2012 After Private Shoot Emerges

While Today’s Five does not work directly with the team over at Page 3, they do fill us in on stories they come across that we might find interesting. Not too long ago we touched on the topic of Miley Cyrus as we ranked the best Hannah Montana songs of all time. Investigators at Page 3 have leaked photos of Miley Cyrus from 2012. These photos were stumbled upon by an investigator employed by Page 3 to interview one of the lesser known photographers that had worked with Miley Cyrus in a studio in Nashville during the transitional years after the Hannah Montana era. The story of the 2012 Miley Cyrus photo shoot (infamously called the 2012 Nashville shoot), is explained in detail below.


These pictures were deemed too inappropriate by Billy Ray Cyrus who reportedly cursed out the photographer and Miley’s agent for not keeping him in the loop on this new PR direction. With Miley being 20, she was allowed to make these decisions without the consent of her father. However when he showed up, she felt as if she has betrayed him. They agreed to fire Miley’s current agent and never again worked with this photographer from Nashville.

Anyway, they leaked!

Leaked Photos of Miley Cyrus From 2012


leaked photos of miley cyrus

This of course came with the explicit instructions by Billy Ray Cyrus that all the photographs be erased. He watched the photographer as he deleted every photo he had taken that day. Unfortunately, Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t all too tech saavy. As he watched the photos be “deleted”, he was actually watching the photos being rendered into the photographers external hard-drive.

2012 miley cyrus

Bill Ray Cyrus left with his daughter, both felt assured the photos were deleted. 2012 Miley Cyrus was perfect…

Not too long ago, these photos were released on 4Chan. An anonymous online message board known for causing problems and attempting to degrade women. Although these were non-nude photos, they were still not intended to be seen by the general public.

LEAKED Photos of Miley Cyrus From 2012

The photographer fled to his homeland of Denmark. His name has not been released. His attorney claims that the photographer truly believed that he deleted the photos, but he must have been hacked.

He wishes his deepest sincerity to Miley Cyrus and her family.

Further Leaked Photos of Miley Cyrus From The 2012 Nashville Shoot

2012 Miley Cyrus was prime. Still that long haired, country girl beauty. I pray that it wasnt the 2012 Nashville Shoot that sent her down the wrong way…

leaked photos of miley cyrus
2012 Miley Cyrus was an unfair level of pretty


leaked miley cyrus photos
Miley taking a break on set
2012 nashville shoot
Aaaaaand back to work

Luckily, these leaked photos of Miley Cyrus from 2012 are non-nude as I mentioned.

LEAKED Photos of Miley Cyrus From 2012

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