The 10 Best Hannah Montana Songs Officially Ranked (Finally)

It started in 2006. I was in the midst of my freshman year of High School at the time. That’s when the first episode of Hannah Montana aired on Disney Channel, which coincided with the release of her first album as well. For many of us it was love at first sight. But this love was short lived; just as the producers expected. 4 Seasons, 1 Movie, and 5 Studio albums later, the saga of Hannah Montana had come to a close. She had found happiness back in Tennessee and now Miley Cyrus plays herself. And continues to do so. Now 7 years later, it is safe to assume the career of Hannah Montana has come to a close. As with any expired musician the obvious question comes next, what were the best Hannah Montana songs? Through a lot of arguing, eliminating, and crying, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Hannah Montana songs.

best hannah montana songs
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Get Ready For A Trip Down Memory Lane: The 10 Best Hannah Montana Songs

10. Who Said

The nostalgia chills are too real…

Back in 2006, it was fair to say that Hannah had little to no say when it came to what songs she would be coming out with. Like many other songs in her repertoire, “Who Said” is simply ear candy. It’s sweet and quick and you can’t get enough. Plus it has a positive, inspiring message underneath it.

But like all ear candy, you eventually overdose. Over-played but still a classic. So it makes the list.

9. Just Like You

“Just Like You” is another typical poppy song off Hannah Montanas debut album. Is it one of the best Hannah Montana songs? A lot will disagree with me putting this one on the list. However, this was the first of Hannah’s songs to follow not only the continued theme of living a double life, but the difficulties and negative side of it as well.

For now, Hannah says “It’s a crazy life, but she’s alright”.

8. This Is The Life

“This Is The Life” had to make the list for a multitude of reasons.

What’s most interesting, is the fact that although is a far slower, mellower Hannah than we’re used to, there is nothing but positivity. Usually there is at least some sort of mention of the struggle of her daily life. Here though, she slows down to realize that as crazy as everything is, she has to hang on tight to the current moment. Because right now in her words, there is “Nothing but the blue sky, as far as I can see.”

7. The Other Side Of Me

Simple no brainer.

Yes it is ear candy. Yes it is poppy and cheap. But my oh my I never get sick of this tune.

Zedd really needs to remix this one already into a club hit.

6. If We Were A Movie

“If We Were A Movie” is undoubtedly one of the most lyrically advanced songs on her debut album. When this one dropped it was crack to the ears.

And does anyone remember seeing this concert on Disney?? Ughhh that channel really needs to do more throwbacks.

5. One In A Million

Coming into her own a bit more on her second album, “One In A Million” is undoubtedly one of the best Hannah Montana songs.

Gems like “they say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye.” So true. And very powerful.

We’ll never know if Hannah had anyone on her mind at the time of singing this song, but but we do know that this song is not an original. It has been reworked and re performed by at least 3 different singers.

“Not that this helps your predicament, but the song in question was actually written by German producer Toby Gad for German pop star Sandy. TheĀ Hannah Montana version you love so much is naught but a cover”San Diego Reader

4. Rockstar

This is just a jam. There should be no arguments here. But to be fair, 4 is as high as we can put this one. Hannah can crush it in the hallways and on stage!

3. You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home

You can check the above video for the final performance and ending to “Hannah Montana – The Movie”.

“You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” is heart-warming, uplifting, and was the perfect send-off for Hannah Montana. Almost all fans will agree this is top 3 when it comes to best Hannah Montana songs.

2. Every Part Of Me

A surprisingly deep, and honest track by Hannah Montana. Arguably the best Hannah Montana song honestly.

Not only does she reveal her inner struggles, which appear to be piling on tremendously, but she frames it in a way that any listener can relate to. There are many people that feel so far removed from their former self that they aren’t sure who they are anymore. This hints at Miley’s future drastic change in image. And why she needed to take a break. Find herself, not Hannah,

1. Ordinary Girl

Simply a masterpiece. Easily the best Hannah Montana song.

Although our rankings are slightly different, Today’s Five choices align with both AXS and E!

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