Deadly Undocumented: Why Is Garcia Zarate Not In Jail?

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday you beautiful people! I know on this segment we have brought this up before but…Seriously? Why is Garcia Zarate not in jail right now? Like, this should have been a ‘locked up for like, two-life sentences’ locked up. What the hell is the hold up here. And how did ANYTHING get acquitted?

Well, apparently hes back on trial for a different charge. And apparently that trial is today.

If you are unfamiliar with the tale of Garcia Zarate I can sum up his infamy pretty quickly. He is an illegal immigrant, 7-time felon, and he murdered a hottie in cold blood on a pier in California.

This happened in 2015. The defense is so dumb I can’t bear to explain it myself.

“Zarate contended the shooting occurred accidentally when he picked up a gun he found under a bench, while prosecutors in the Superior Court case argued it was deliberate.

A few days after the Superior Court verdict, a federal grand jury on Dec. 5 indicted Zarate on two U.S. charges of being an ex-felon in possession of a gun and being an undocumented person in possession of a gun.” –  SF Gate

I’m sorry… excuse me???

Why Is Garcia Zarate Not In Jail

He found it under a bench. SO. Instead of turning it in/throwing it out/running away/literally anything, he picks it up…. Got it…He then accidentally shoots a young girl in the back and killed her on a beautiful day out on the pier in public.

That was the defense. That was his story. So even if he is telling the truth, that is the BEST CASE SCENARIO.


Forget about if he is guilty or not, his defense sounds more like a confession! Who the hell just plays with guns they find under benchs!? Probably repeat felons who should not be on piers.

So…..Why is Garcia Zarate not in jail?

Zarate must have some Kardashian-level defense attorneys because this man was found not guilty on both charges of manslaughter and murder!

Why Is Garcia Zarate Not In Jail

A 7-time felon, illegal immigrant, but let’s put that aside. You find a gun under a bench. Why would you pick it up. And I know his story is fake I get that. I’m just trying to put myself in the minds of the Jury here. If you find a gun on the ground, and begin to operate it, you are committing a felony. This is evidenced by the fact that they gave him a felony for it –

“Garcia Zarate was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter charges in a California court last month. The jury accepted Garcia Zarate’s claims that his gun was fired accidentally and that the bullet ricocheted off the ground before it killed Steinle. But the jury DID convict Garcia Zarate, a seven-time felon, of violating a California statute barring felons from possessing firearms.”LA Times

So. You’re going to hold him accountable for holding a gun as a felon. But you won’t hold him accountable for what he does after he is holding a gun? Like if he kills someone? WHAT? WHY IS GARCIA ZARATE NOT IN JAIL?

Listen I don’t care about ricochets or technicalities- this guy is clearly trouble.

If you show me a guy with 7 felonies and tell me he found a gun on the ground and picked it up and accidentally shot a solid 8 on the pier in front of a bunch of kids. Even if I believed it was an accident. Even if I believed he “found” the gun. (Seriously how stupid was this jury?) I would still say lock this guy up and charge him full responsibility for the murder of the victim in the second degree. First if we can prove it somehow.

I don’t judge people I really don’t. Drugs, bar fights, even DUIs, there is a lot I will overlook when it comes to people. Mostly because I can sometimes see myself, even if only slightly, being in a low place in my life, at the wrong time, and making a mistake.

This is not one of those mistakes I can relate to.

Do you see yourself “finding a gun” (seriously, has that EVER happened to anyone?), picking it up, then not only proceeding to play with it and point it at strangers and objects, but accidentally firing it and killing someone. If I did that, I’d confess to murder. So I’m really not sure what’s going on here.

Why Is Garcia Zarate Not In Jail

“Now, U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department is pursuing federal criminal charges against Garcia Zarate. The DOJ has not accused Garcia Zarate of murder or manslaughter, presumably because it does not want to risk losing. Rather, it has accused Garcia Zarate of violating a federal gun possession statute.”LA Times

This goes back to one of my biggest gripes with the American justice system. As a whole, our nation condones violence because prosecutors are too scared to throw the book at offenders and lose a case. They would rather have a killer walk in 12 years than get a red mark on their record for not putting the bad guy behind bars.

Then you have defense lawyers, who know this about the prosecution and use it against them. It has created a norm in the justice system that they have coined “deals” when it comes to plea bargains. Countless times of this letting killers walk after as little as 3 years I could list them but I digress…

Back to the topic….


The Murderer of Kate Steinle is back on trial for some lesser gun charge, this time from the federal government. And Jeff Sessions is behind it, promises it will lock him up for just as long. Don’t you love how unnecessarily twisted and borderline crooked we make things for ourselves in America to find justice?

“SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A federal court hearing in the firearms case of an undocumented Mexican immigrant who was acquitted of the murder of a woman on a San Francisco pier was postponed today until May 8. Jose Inez Garcia Zarate is charged in federal court in San Francisco with two counts of being an ex-felon in possession of a gun and an undocumented person in charge of a gun.” – Pleasanton Patch

Why is Garcia Zarate not in jail already? Why are we wasting time and tax dollars on an obvious lost cause? Is it because it’s a race thing? If so, then I guess the tables have really turned. I don’t think that is the case though. Our Justice System is clearly failing us.

Why Is Garcia Zarate Not In Jail

And it’s not because Zarate is hispanic, or that he’s an illegal immigrant. It really isn’t. SEVEN TIME FELON. Says he FOUND a gun under a bench at the pier and then a beauty is accidentally slayed. Who knows if it was an accident. All I know, is take Zarate out of the scene, and Kate Steinle is still alive. Why is Garcia Zarate not in jail?

The trial for this new charge is later this afternoon. We gotta get something on twitter going or something…. #LockUpZarate

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