15 EXTREMELY Punchable Faces For You To Scroll Through…If That’s You’re Thing

Hello friends and Happy Friday! Who wants to take 15 minutes off and have a little daydream? You can imagine hes robbing your house, or even robbing some fellow citizen. Either way, these faces are SO punchable it really won’t matter to you! You’ll be ready to swing before you see another crooked smirk! Number 15 is a personally favorite (sworn enemy) of mine. Pardon me being so short, Trump must be wearing me down finally, can we call him Punchable Face Martin Shkreli. I think it’ll stick.

15. Martin Shkreli

You may have guessed this one, its the pharmaceutical piece of crap Martin Shkreli! Say what you want but that face is punchable!

punchable face Martin Shkreli

14. Martin Shkreli

Oh wait I forgot to mention, if you use the argument “oh Martin said he would pay for anyone who couldn’t afford it”, then you are an absolute moron and have no idea what this topic is about or how health insurance works in any shape or form. So what if he pays for a few peoples medications? Do you realize when he hikes ups drug he never invented he raises premiums across the board for everyone (yeah, even you, you trust fund baby trying to use this stupid argument because you look up to a sociopath for some sick reason). Anyway he’res another punchable face Martin Shkreli.

punchable face Martin Shkreli

13. Martin Shkreli

You know what the really fucked up part is? The reason he targeted the medicine he did. He thought he was being evil and cunning, but when shiz hit the fan, all anyone saw was evil.

He thought hmmm, what pharma branch or patent can I buy that would go unnoticed if I gave it a 300% increase overnight, despite the fact it could kill hundreds within a week. He chose AIDs medication. Want to know why? Three reasons:

  1. The negative connotation it has, hardcore conservative voters believe God invetented AIDs to kill gays (AIDs is 0ver 60% more transferable up the tush)
  2. It is a drug used largely by African-Americans in the country, a group he assumed would be turned down and unable to find help. (He was wrong about this)
  3. The embarassment. Many people had kept their AIDs a secret from their family because they were secretly gay or ashamed of their one night stands which lead to a lifetime virus. Many people killed themselves after Martin Shkreli raised the price. He knew a lot of people would end up killing themselves rather than taking action and so insurance kept footing the bill. This one unfortunately, he did predict correctly. There were many suicides from AIDs patients in the closet.

punchable face Martin Shkreli


OK Back To Your Punchable Face Martin Shkreli Edition:

punchable face Martin Shkreli

OK so you got me… this was just a Martin Shkreli rant… People online still saying he did nothing wrong. I’ve never even had to lose a family member due to not having insurance/funds, to not want everyone to have the same privileged is disgusting.

Here’s a couple more pictures… just don’t break your monitor…

punchable face Martin Shkreli


punchable face Martin Shkreli

If you want to learn more specifically from a more educated man than myself about how Shkreli is a scumbag– CLICK HERE

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