According To This SJW On Twitter, White People Can’t Experience Racism

While this wasn’t my Twitter battle (I was just a bystander, hence the blurred names), I felt compelled to bring this online interaction to light and throw in my two cents.

This interaction took place the morning of the NYC subway pipebomb incident. Suffice to say, tensions were high.

One SJW woman, who appeared to be of Arabic decent, used the trending hashtag to remind everyone not to jump to conclusions on the race of the perpetrator. This was before it was confirmed the attack was done by a Muslim man in the name of ISIS.

Man blurred in red (from his profile I could see he lives in NYC) tells the SJW that maybe we should be sending thoughts/prayers to victims before immediately jumping to defends ones own race.

SJW plays victim. Saying her people have no choice but to defend themselves.

Man in red reminds her that white people have been the assumed race in different types of tragedies, such as school shootings. Then our SJW throws us a gem.


Sorry! Your argument is invalid because you are white! It is not possible to be racist against whites therefore I can make this assumption of you! I do not see any irony in this statement whatsoever

Our NYC resident tried to bring facts in, but we know how that goes…

The dictionary? Pshhhh

Ask any sociologist! Your argument is invalid because I assume you are privileged!


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