Trump Silences Judge Curiel: Unveils New Trump Wall Design, Expected By 2020

This past Friday, Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel attempted to put a roadblock on President Trump’s rapid progress in receiving funding from Congress to build his notorious, and promised, wall along the border of the United States and Mexico. It was unexpected by most US officials that Trump would be able to negotiate so well with Democrats on this project. Turns out he has a knack for the game of “give and take”, much of what embodies modern politics. Among outer and inner circles this project has simply become known as “The Wall”. But when will Trumps wall be built? Now inside reports, as well as the president, are saying as soon as 2020. And third-party reports are in agreement.

But I’m getting ahead of myself- back to Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel:

The federal judge whom President Trump characterized during his campaign as “a Mexican” and therefore biased against him said he would announce a ruling next week that could determine whether the government can proceed with its expedited plans to build a border wall.

District Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel is presiding over a lawsuit filed by advocacy groups and the state of California challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s plans to bypass standard environmental-impact studies and rapidly expand barriers along the Mexican border. – Washington Post

Silly Judge Curiel… this is President Trump you are dealing with! And his people want the wall! So, sorry Judge Curiel, but you get:

new trump wall design
The Trump Card!

Not only is he ignoring Judge Curiel, but he is proposing a new Trump Wall design. The new Trump Wall design actually will speed up construction and according to leading architects on the project “ensure that the job is completed by July 2020 the latest.” (Scroll down for images of new design, also featured at top cover image)

So what kind of response do we get from the President when a hippie Federal Judge from California tells him to slow down so we can “Look at environmental factors”?

We get this:

“But that didn’t change the fact that the Trump administration has been moving forward with construction for a physical barrier.

That work has already begun.” – Vox

Yup, that’s right. This son of a gun just went ahead and ignored literally EVERYONE. And he put his construction teams back to work. As if he was running the development of a complex in 90’s NYC and his foreman went on strike. Still, while the attitude is somewhat admirable (I suppose), when will Trump build the wall? Will it actually happen? Well, Trump and insiders are reporting completion of construction will be as early as 2020.

This was the final proposal that was passed for construction. These new Trump wall prototypes are pictured directly below. An indestructible “One-way sheet of Plexiglas” – Business Insider

Image result for trump wall

According to many sources, including Reuters, this wall of plexiglass is nearly half finished. Along with Trump, they are predicting completion by 2020.

“The plan lays out what it would take to seal the border in three phases of construction of fences and walls covering just over 1,250 miles (2,000 km) by the end of 2020.

With 654 miles (1,046 km) of the border already fortified, the new construction would extend almost the length of the entire border.” – Reuters

So if Trump is just going to ignore everyone and everything while he pretends he is playing Sim City, then Trumps wall will be built. Only question, when will Trumps wall be built? I have a feeling 2020 is a bit of a liberal estimate. Has he even seen Mexico? We can’t even keep track of the border by Tijuana, and they have like, 7 walls.

Image result for tijuana border
People still sneak in this… Like a lot!

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