Why Would The Government Lie About The Earth Being Round?

The “Truthers” are back. And wait, wait, if you are one of them do not leave. I’m actually here to give you some ammo. This new stuff you got, talk about a hot take. Forgot government’s flying their own planes into their own buildings or, aliens being kept a secret, or any of that weak stuff. That’s old news. Mike Hughes just flipped the conspiracy game upside down. The earth is actually FLAT. And he’s taking a ROCKET up to prove it! But it’s missing one HUGE piece, why would the Government lie about the earth being round? What would they gain from it?

Heck, even The Guardian has entertained the idea!

Thevoyage was schedule a few weeks back but according to NPR, the weather was a bit a of a set back – “”Mad” Mike Hughes, limousine driver and self-proclaimed flat-Earther, announced that he had to delay his plan to launch himself 1,800 feet high in a rocket of his own making. The launch, which he has billed as a crucial first step toward ultimately photographing our disc-world from space, had been scheduled for Saturday — before the Bureau of Land Management got wind of the plan and barred him from using public land in Amboy, Calif.” – NPR

Mike Hughes is far from the only believer.

On Twitter you can find a whole subset of “flatEarthers”, just check the tag #FlatEarth.

Now before I delve into the topic of why would the government lie about the earth bring round in the first place, let’s put forward three solid forms or reasoning for the Flat Earthers to be as unbiased as possible.

1. You’ve Never Seen It

For centuries and centuries people believed things they didn’t see but they just took it as the word. Zeus is up there, the world is flat, only 4 elements exist, these are all the things that common society believed as fact at one point? Is it not possible this is the next big truth?

Image result for galileo on trial

Unless you are an astronaut and you have seen the earth and can confirm it is round, if so, please send pics.

2. The GoPro Breakthrough

When the GoPro came out it gave the adventurous, amateuar astronomer a cool opportunity. As we all expected, it wasn’t long before exveryone was playing Space X in their backyard. Which lead to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVhiFU41eK0 of lego men being sacracificed into Space in the name of/fun science like Russian dogs!

But it also revealed a little evidence for the Flat Earthers when you remove the GoPro Fish eye lens…

Related image

To many this was hard evidence. GoPro by default uses fish eye lense. When these effects were removed, they saw exactly what they expected. A flat earth.

3. Moon/Sun

Not what I’m here for, but some Flat Earthers say astrology actually is on their side here, and goes to prove that the earth actually is flat:

the earth actually is flat

BUT, lest not forget the most important thing behind any conspiracy. Which brings us to our main question…

Why Would The Government Lie About The Earth Being Round?

First off, your welcome, I did some digging that you did not need to be apart of. And I have come back to report, this may be some tin foil hat stuff going on here…

To all you “Flat Earthers”, you have to have a reason why the government/elite/God’s would do this, or it really hold’s not bearing. Here are the three main passed around reasoning’s in the darkest corners of the internet as to answer why would the government lie about the earth being round?

1. Elites

Ah of course! The elites who control everything!

Why would they wan’t you thinking the Earth is flat? Because then the territory ends. No more games about expansion. Elite class convinces the commoners that the earth is round, and that is that. Believers also believe that all world powers are in on this and keeping it a secret as they want to keep development/ownership of Antartica (The Ice Barrier)

Why Would The Government Lie About The Earth Being Round?

2. Government

This ties into the elites/one per-centers (duh).

They have partnered with NASA to fake photographs and forge missions to keep the jig up.

Which is unfortunate because I am just about done with NASA funding National Tragedies with government money HOT TAKE ALERT.

the earth is actually flat
Silly commoners, they still believe the Earth is round!

So we’e answered one question, why would the government lie about the earth being round? Private companies can help maybe? Maybe Space X will be able to get some truth for us. Then again, the Truthers have already said Elon Musk is in cohoots with these “1-percenters” and he himself cannot be trusted. So for the time being, I guess we’ll never know. Unless we want to trust https://www.space.com/38931-kids-can-prove-earth-round.html

3. It’s A Religion Thing

Not going to get into this one too much…

Image result for oprah crazy gif

So as crazy as the theory sounds, at least you can see the full conspiracy. THe missing peice. Which was why would the government lie about the earth being round in the first place?

Special Thanks To The Flat Earth Society for their generosity and welcoming culture!

One thought on “Why Would The Government Lie About The Earth Being Round?

  • January 19, 2018 at 8:27 AM

    The flat earth model never worked and the globe model always worked. It’s night here now, if the earth were flat, in a dome, with the sun in here with us I would be able to see it 24/7 and it would NEVER be dark any where, the flat earth model demonstrates this, and it would roast every living thing to death in this enclosed oven. The rocket was a bust, you could see over two mountain ranges but not to the ocean from 1800 feet. Even from a airliner at 30,000 feet, five miles up, you cannot see the ocean if you are more than 200 miles from it, but you can see the sun setting below the horizon, from that height. Not possible in a dome, flat earth scenareo, the flat earth model proves it. Why does no one have a flat earth model in a building some where, about 25 feet across with a light bulb hanging from a wire?


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