The 5 Indisputable Reasons Why Roy Moore Is Innocent

There has been further unfair accusations leveled against Roy Moore, (the state of Alabama Senate candidate) in the past weeks. Quite many people are buying the stories of these accusers. However, there are others who can see beyond these accusations and see it as the witch hunt that it is, and see that there is a group clearly trying to have Roy Moore framed.

So is it merely that these accusations are just pieces of political propaganda to frustrate and sabotage Roy Moore’s ambition of becoming a US Senator? Why is everyone so quick to jump at his throat even though there is no ACTUAL evidence of proof.

And the the leftist media is surprised that the people of this country who know him best are defending him:

roy moore framed

Trust me, I hate doubting the stories of victims. But I do believe such sensitive issues should be treated cautiously. So far no one knows who is telling the truth; Moore, or his accusers. Here are five reasons why it is very possible that Roy Moore is innocent. Skip to number 2 for the theory of this all being the liberals trying to get Roy Moore framed for disgusting charges.

5. He Has Maintained His Stance Of Innocence:

For an accused, Moore has been incredibly consistent with his story since day 1. It is common knowledge that most people who are guilty of what they have been accused of can be entirely self-contradictory with their self-defense statements. That, however, hasn’t been the case for Roy who has maintained the same stance of being innocent since the allegations of his sexual misconducts went viral.

In his response, a day after the publication was first made Moore in a statement said, “I don’t know Miss Corfman from anybody,” he said. “The allegations are completely false. I believe they’re politically motivated.” Could this mean that Roy Moore is being framed? Well, I’m sure time will tell. But for him to have maintained the stance of being innocent without missing words or making any contrary statement during this period does suggest the man might not be guilty of the allegations after all.

4. Roy Moore Hasn’t Been Proven Guilty:

roy moore is innocent

The last time I checked, no American is guilty unless shown otherwise. Unfortunately, to the public opinion in America, accused is as good as guilty. But not everyone just blindly follows the sensationalism of the mainstream media. Some conservatives do still believe in the constitution. As well as the principles that this country was founded under. So, until there is or are factual evidence that proves this is not a page out of the Crucible, then it is safe to say that he is innocent. Honestly, since that is how our justice system works, technically it is a fact right now that Roy Moore is innocent.

3. The Timing Is Impeccable:

Why now? Where have these accusers been all these years? I mean, it has been over three decades, why are they all coming out to speak now that Roy Moore is in a favorable position in the poll of the senatorial election. The liberals accused Trump of side-tracking the country during the election of a prominent sheriff in Alabama a few months back.

roy moore framed

They all screamed that his tweets about transgenders in the military was just a diversion. Whether that is true or not, does it not show that both sides know diversions exist in politics? Why would the liberals assume an election would be meddled with like that, unless it was a process they were familiar with. It does appear someone, or a group of people are trying to get Roy Moore Framed, and should that be the case, then Roy Moore is Innocent.

roy moore framed
So it’s possible for the GOP to plan diversions but not the left? Interesting. 

2. Al Franken Is So Obviously Just A Fall Guy: “Roy Moore Framed Theory”

A few weeks ago Al Franken was on TV going off on Roy Moore and calling him and all other accused male abusers disgusting pigs.

Then a few days later he is accused. And then admitted to it.

WHAT!? Why would you so vehemently attack people for skeletons you yourself have in your closet, skeletons that were likely to be resurfaced soon since they are being pulled out of people’s closets like Halloween decorations recently.

Roy Moore framed by the liberals?

Think about it, liberals get the public against Roy Moore. Then they sacrifice one of their own (Al Franken), have him admit it, and then have him resign. Liberals are setting themselves up to look like they are of a higher moral standard. Not to mention, if Roy Moore drops out, they get two democrats. (Al Franken’s replacement, and Roy Moore’s opponent). A real kamikaze move. Roy Moore framed and an extra democrat in the senate. And we are far from the only people thinking it.

1. The Counter Accusation From A Reliable Source:

You and I don’t know these accusers any better than members of their families. For the step-son of Beverly Young Nelson who happens to be one of those responsible for the multiple allegations against Roy Moore to have openly accused his step-mother of falsely accusing Roy Moore, speaks volume about Roy Moore’s Innocence. Why would he lie to save someone who raped a member of their family? Am I crazy for saying Roy Moore is innocent? Get at me in the comments.


Finally, let’s remember that no one is guilty unless they are proven otherwise. So as of now, Roy Moore is innocent. ~Mooch Stevens

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