Night Nurse Taiyesha Baker Declares She Will Move To Ireland

A surprising move to say the least for Night Nurse Taiyesha Baker, the Indiana resident that is currently being blasted online for her anti-white jargon. You can peep below for the message that subsequently lead to her crucifixion on Twitter.

Taiyesha Baker

Now whether you disagree with her sentiments or not, it’s hard to argue that this is anything other than hate speech. I’m not a fan of turning to cliches but “flip the roles here”… Does a white nurse saying this about black children and their mothers bode will in today’s society? I think not. Pretty sure that hypothetical white nurse would be fired if he wasn’t killed by SJW’s first.

Now here is the irony. Taiyesha Baker want’s to, and has been planning to move to Ireland.

When asked by Parlour Magazine in 2015 to recall her most memorable experience, she drifted back to her love of the Emerald Isles:

“Going to the very edge of the Cliffs of Moher. I’ve never been more in awe, or humbled by a natural creation. I felt so small yet insanely powerful. It was a sweet contradiction. My problems, my worries they became conquerable and my existence was importance. It’s an amazing, eerie, quiet place that everyone should see.”

Heavy further confirmed these intentions shortly after. She was getting ready to head out to Ireland once she could gather the courage. After returning, it was all she was thinking about. How she wanted to go go back and stay, but felt almost ashamed that she was too nervous to take that jump.

“Do be afraid, but don’t let it immobilize you. Fear is natural and unavoidable…What if I had, or if only I had, be afraid, but be adventurous.” Source: Heavy

Now here are a few questions:

Why Would Racist Night Nurse Taiyesha Baker Move To Ireland?


Taiyesha Baker

Above is a graph comparing Ireland’s variance of minorities to white folk as compared to West Virginia (high White population) and America.

Ireland is like, virtually all white. If you think they are all serial killers, why would you move to them??

My second question… Why was your account on public? Cheeto dusters in their mothers basements don’t come up with takes as spicy as that, and you’re doing it as a medical professional? I almost want to give you props for the sheer not giving a flying fuck.

Of course, Twitter had some words for the aspiring nurse.

While Night Nurse Taiyesha Baker doubled down, right-wingers took this golden opportunity to get some anti-lib credits.

Hard to imagine any large percentage of liberals (or humans in general) would be supporting her at this point.

Others went straight for her throat, job, and called out child endangerment (a very realistic concern at this point).

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