Sorry BLM, This Is The REAL Reason Colin Kaepernick Has No Job

Isn’t it a little coincidental that Colin Kaepernick decided to go on this social justice protest after he started sucking? Why not kneel after you Super Bowl run, or even better, during it?

Now I’ll be honest. I’m not even here to condemn the current protests going around the NFL or take stabs at BLM. I am here to give you facts and a timeline to prove that Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the National Anthem was nothing but a PR stunt. A very successful one it seems.

Colin Kaepernick

Quick question, one that a lot of these NFL protesters probably can’t answer. Was Colin Kaepernick the starting Quarterback for the 49ers when he took that knee during the National Anthem?

Here’s another, how many years were left on his contract?

Or, how much was he getting paid? These questions are as simple as they are crucial.

And a quick clarification of the Kapernick timeline should clear things up here:

June 9th, 2016

Kaepernick is very quiet about his injury and suspicions on his ability to return 100% begin to rise. Kaepernick had taken the role of Alex Smith after his injury in 2012 and after continuing a Super Bowl run, he took over the reigns as starting QB. A few season later, in 2015, Kaepernick was the injuried one, and Blaine Gabbert (an eerily similar replica to Alex Smith) took over as starting QB for the remainder of the season. Now in 2016, with Kaepernick looking like he lost a step or two, Gabbert seemed poised to take the starting spot.

With a rising hotshot waiting to compete with him in pre-season camp, Colin Kaepernick requests a trade. He ultimately decides to stay in San Francisco after learning a trade would come with a significant pay cut.

Kaepernick kept it vague when discussing his reasons for requesting a trade. To me it seems pretty obvious that he was nervous the 49ers wanted to move forward with Blaine Gabbert.

Colin Kaepernick

“The former starter, who lost his job to Blaine Gabbert last season, did say that he has matured over the last few months and that he hopes that comes through with his relationships with teammates and coaches and on the field.”

August 5th, 2016

Coming off an injury, Kaepernick is showing serious doubt in becoming the starting QB for the 49ers.

Check out an excerpt from this SportingNews article published about Kaepernick on August 5th, weeks before the Anthem kneeling began:

“Kaepernick was unhappy enough about his lot in San Francisco this offseason that he requested a trade but ended up staying put when refusing a sizeable pay cut to join the Denver Broncos…The 49ers have given Gabbert and Kaepernick equal practice snaps with the starters during the early part of training camp. Separation between the two likely won’t come until San Francisco’s preseason games, but Gabbert is considered to have the edge for two reasons:

1. In NFL circles, he’s considered better at processing information and reading defenses more quickly than Kaepernick.

2. Gabbert benefited from an entire offseason working with the first-team offense while Kaepernick recovered from shoulder, thumb and knee surgeries.” -SportingNews

Colin Kaepernick

It’s also worth noting Kaepernick was on schedule to make a base salary of $16.5 million.

Gabbert, on the other hand, was on a contract year and negotiations for a QB looking for a second chance in the NFL are easy.

August 14th, 2016

Kaepernick takes a knee for the first time in the pre-season opener against Houston at home. His protest goes unnoticed. As it does next week, when he kneels again in Denver.

In the time leading up to this Colin Kaepernick falls way behind in the QB competition due to his injury preventing him from even participating.

“Could the 49ers’ quarterback competition be over before the exhibition season even begins?

That scenario emerged Friday when Colin Kaepernick’s shoulder tightness prevented him from throwing any passes in practice against the Houston Texans, whom the 49ers host in Sunday’s exhibition opener.” – MercuryNews

Local news outlets for the 49ers were also taking note of this, NinersNation had this to say back on August 15th:

The San Francisco 49ers continue to wait and see on Colin Kaepernick’s status for this week, but Adam Schefter chimed in. He says two sources described Kaepernick as having a “dead arm” for the time being, and the hope is that he gets his strength back soon.– NinersNation

Colin Kaepernick Meme

That “dead arm” did end up keeping him sidelined. Where he did protest. (Albeit unnoticed)

August 26th, 2016

Kaepernick’s kneeling during the Anthem is finally noticed.

There was no grand unveiling of Kaepernick’s sitting protest. Instead, Jennifer Lee Chan of Niners Nation tweeted out a photo of the anthem, unrelated to Kaepernick sitting. The story gained national attention later that night and the 49ers released a statement confirming Kaepernick sat for the anthem.

Kaepernick told the media after the game he sat because of the oppression of people of color and ongoing issues with police brutality.” -SB Nation

Bringing It All Together

I remember waking up that morning and seeing the madness that Colin Kaepernick had created. I remember thinking “Thank God I am not Colin’s PR person today!” But as time went on, I realized something. Maybe this wasn’t a PR nightmare. Maybe this was a PR stunt. Not only a PR stunt, but one of the most impressive ones in our lifetime.

To my surprise, players from around the league not only supported Kaepernick’s decision, but vowed to do the same in their upcoming games. Even more shockingly coaches from around the league were praising Colin for his actions. That was when the wheels started turning in my head. This was a surprise to me sure, someone with no actual inside connections to the workings or attitudes of NFL players and coaches. But to Kaepernick and his team, maybe this was exactly what they knew would happen. If so, it would be the perfect way to keep the Kaepernick money train moving without him being talented enough to play QB! It would be genius!

Of course this is speculation, but say what you want, there was no more talk about Colin Kaepernick getting cut. No sir! If they even brought that up then everyone would be calling the 49ers racist. Cut a man for protesting? Can’t do that. How quickly people forget that in reality, he was on the chopping block. 10/10 move by the Colin Kaepernick team. One more season of making top dollar as a below average QB.

Since all this happened the protests are blowing up. Kaepernick has no job in the NFL. And the issue has reached a degree of magnitude that implying that this all started as PR move would be written off as lunacy at best, hate speech at worst.

That is why I want to clarify that I am not even against the movement in any shape or form. I agree that their are racial issues in this country, and I understand that kneeling for the flag is just use of it’s forum, not any sort of disrespect towards what it stands for.

With that said, it is truly hard for me to tell for sure if this started as political activisim, or a masterful diversion by a Kaepernicks Public Relations team. In all likelihood the truth is… we will never know for sure. And that my friends, would make the whole scheme that much more impressive!


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