Spicy Confessions: “Sex With My Dad’s Boss” – Part 3

If you haven’t read the previous parts to this story, you may want to catch up before continuing:

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I laid motionless under Roy as he finished pumping his seed into me. His arms were wrapped around my body, pulling it tightly against his own. Roy was not himself at this moment. His rough breathing tickled my left ear, his passionate, rhythmic strokes had turned aggressive and inconsistent; Roy had digressed to his most primitive, sexual nature. I loved it. I absolutely loved having sex with Roy.

During his final spurts he held my face close to his while I stared into his eyes. Still inside me I felt his cock begin to soften, and cum drip from the inside of my thighs. In a blissful trance I thanked him. He smiled and gave my nose a little kiss. We held each other like that for a moment before he slipped his cock out of me and flopped onto his back next to me. I immediately felt empty. Shifting towards him I placed my head on his chest which was soon being pet by his large hand. My legs mingled with his while my fingers delicately dragged along his chest and shoulder.

I was in love.

My hand drifted down Roy’s hairy belly to his now softening cock. I felt the warmth of his meat beneath my fingers. Overcome with desire I slid down his body and straddled his left thigh. As excited as I was to slide him into my mouth again, I wanted to take it slower this time. I wanted to show Roy how much I wanted to please him. Looking him in the eye I lowered my lips to the head of his cock, giving it a little kiss. Leaning in further I licked the inside of his thigh near his balls, mesmerized by his scent. Once I started licking his balls and lower shaft I was back to my previous state of shamelessly horny. Roy’s cock was still relatively soft when I slid his head past my lips. I moaned as I tenderly nursed on his cock, worshiping him.

“That’s a good girl”, Roy muttered between deep groans.

His degrading talk always got me so hot. Still suckling on Roy’s stiffening cock I began to grind my pussy into his thigh, back and forth. As Roy became harder I took more of him into my mouth, my head bobbed up and down his pole, my tongue swept in circles around his shaft while I lightly tickled his balls. Roy’s hand had now found it’s way to me; he firmly caressed the back of my neck allowing further moans to pass my lips. Roy took this as an invitation. His hand guided me down his shaft further, forcing more of him into my mouth. Completely letting loose I slobbered over his cock, taking it deeper than I ever have for a man before. I continued to grind into his thigh, drawing myself closer to an orgasm.

Before long I had to break from the blowjob due to my rising orgasm. I put my hands on his chest and furiously rubbed my pussy up and down his thigh, eyes shut, moaning in ecstasy. Roy grabbed me by the waist and flipped me onto my back. I immediately spread my legs for him as he roughly pulled me towards his body. His big hands massaged my breasts and neck. I was in a trance. All I wanted was sex with Roy.

“Tell me you need me inside you”, demanded Roy.

“Please fuck me.” I begged.

“Tell me you need me inside you.” He was louder this time.

“I need you inside me. I love you.”

“Who’s your daddy?” Roy seethed through a tiny cocky smile; he was now teasing my pussy lips with the head of his dick, driving me insane.

“You’re my daddy.”

“That’s a good girl.” Roy cooed as he brushed my cheeks with his fingers. “Just tell daddy what you want.”

“Please fuck me daddy.” I whimpered beneath him, desperate for his love.

Roy smirked.

Finally Roy fell into me, holding himself up by holding my arms down, just like last time. He plowed into me, much more selfishly than before, but I still loved it. His pace quickened and I answered it with short, high pitched uh-uh-uh’s.

It becomes hazy after that. I do know that I let Roy cum inside me again. Two mind blowing orgasms, I knew me and Roy would be seeing each other again.

The next morning we woke up in each others arms. We both jumped up and went to the lake to make it look like we both had just woken up early and went for a walk. My dad was suspicious. It was awkward. After that Roy started calling me all the time, buying me things. He was always a hard man to say no to. I would continue to have sex with Roy for years to come.

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