Spicy Confessions: “Gave My Dad’s Boss A Good Time At The Golf Course” – Part 1

When I was younger my dad used to take me on golf outings with his clients and co-workers. Usually it was new clients but there were plenty of regulars who I had gotten to know over the years. One of these regulars (we’ll call him Roy), was the reason I came on these trips. Roy was one of my father’s bosses, he suggested to my dad that bringing me would create more energy for the clients. Yes kind of creepy, but 19 year old me was simply flattered. It’s not like I was going to have sex with my dads boss, that would be crazy! I accepted. Months of golfing at various times followed. Fast forward to my story.

One particular morning our crew included Roy, My dad, his “very important client”, and me. Since my dad needed some one-on-one with his client, Roy and I got a golf cart to ourselves. We hit the course, Roy drove, slowly trailing my father. He started quickly with questions, asking where I was going to school, if I had been working. I gave him short answers in hopes he would talk less. I always had felt so uncomfortable around him; something about Roy was intimidating yet very endearing. He was a confident powerful man and for some reason I always felt very quiet and insecure when he spoke to me. Pretty soon the casual questions turned into asking about my love life and how much I drink. It began to feel like he was flirting with me as the day went on.

I had been playing pretty poorly as we were driving away from the 4th hole. Roy began teasing me about my performance. Soon his voice got soft.

He slowed down as my dad disappeared around a bend. Close to my ear he whispered, I felt his breath tickle my neck, “You just need to relax Kelsey.” His hand moved to my knee as my heart skipped a beat. The cart was barely inching forward as his hand began to work its way up my leg, rubbing me so softly… He nibbled my ear as I sat there motionless, but in ecstasy.

As we turned the corner he moved his head but he kept his hand on my leg anytime we were moving in the cart that day. Roy was now “coaching” me at the holes now. He would come behind me and put his hands over mine as I held the club. I would giggle as he whispered things to me. He would grind against my ass, slowly at first. Pretty soon it was obvious to him I didn’t mind it. I could feel his cock through his pants as he softly but firmly ground his package up against me. Sex with my dads boss was seeming more and more enticing.

Looking back on it we must have looked pretty obvious to my father and his client. Especially since my father knows I hate golf lessons, I always protested them.

“I..I never knew you wanted help, I could teach you if you want. You don’t have to do that Roy.” Stammered my father, clearly unsure about the situation.

“Roy is a really good teacher… it’s different,” I would answer as I smiled back to Roy, then back to my father.

After fooling around for a couple holes I ended up stuck on a sand trap. My dad and his client had moved on to the next hole. I went back to the cart to tell Roy I was giving up on this one. When I got to the cart I had already sat down next to Roy before I realized his penis was out, his button and zipper undone. His cock was circumcised and fairly thick but not very long, it lay semi-erect in his lap. I let out a quick gasp as he slid his hand behind my neck, cupping it in his firm hands as he pet the underside of my ear with his thumb. I melted at his touch. Seeing his cock out in the daylight seemed so out of place and taboo. The promiscuity of the situation, out in public, my dad near by, drove me over the edge. I was overcome with desire for Roy. The idea of wanting to have sex with my dads boss earlier was ludicrous, but now, here I was deciding if I would take his cock into my mouth. And I wanted to.

“Come on, be a good girl”, he whispered.

I wanted to do nothing but obey him. In a trance I leaned forward to taste the head of his cock. It was moist and smelled musky, he had been playing golf in the heat all day. At this point however, I was in the moment and too obsessed with pleasing him so I began to softly lick the tip of his meat. I dragged my tongue up and down the underside of his shaft, moaning as I told him how amazing he tasted. Finally I slid the head of his slimy cock past my lips into my warm mouth. He instantly let out a muffled groan. I softly sucked the head of his cock working his shaft with my hands. Roy ran his fingers through my hair. In a soft tone he would call me his “good slut” and “little girl”, hearing these demeaning labels through his comforting voice was driving me wild. I moaned and worked his cock harder and harder.

Eventually he came. In my mouth his cockhead erupted. His salty spunk covered my mouth as I hungrily swallowed every drop…

I did eventually have sex with my dads boss, like, actual sex with my dads boss. A lot. I will post Part 2 shortly…


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