Spicy Confessions: “Sex With My Dad’s Boss” – Part 2

Back by popular demand. Sex with dads boss part 2.

It had been two weeks since the golf outing. Unsurprisingly, Roy was all I could think about. Part of me still couldn’t believe I did it; another part of me was upset it didn’t go further. In my mind though, I had convinced myself that I couldn’t go through with it again. I figured the best thing for me would be to avoid Roy. I didn’t trust myself to stay strong around him; I knew if he came on to me again I would give in to him right away.

This strategy didn’t last very long. My dad’s company decided to have a camp outing for all the employees. Roy messaged me on facebook telling me to come. His message alone had me tingling between the legs. One message from him and all my defenses were down, talk about pathetic. I couldn’t tell him no… so I told my dad I heard about their trip and I was coming. I later found out that Roy had asked my dad to bring me, but he told him I was busy.

Once we arrived at the campsite I watched my dad set up our tent as we talked to acquaintances, some of which I had met over the years. As it was getting darker a group formed around the campfire as everyone slowly joined the circle. When my father and I walked over I saw Roy for the first time. He was sitting on a log with room for two.

As soon as he saw me he waved and called me over. Without hesitation I went over to sit next to him. As I neared him he pulled me in for a kiss-on-the-cheek hello. His large hand palmed the back of my head while his other rested just above my ass. With his hand he pulled me in hard to his face, his kiss landed about ¾ lips but no one could really see it. I sat next to him as my dad took a seat on the other side of the pit. He was staring at Roy intently but Roy would not look his way. I’m sure my dad wasn’t happy with how he man-handled me in front of everyone.

As we all talked around the fire Roy was sneaking me vodka to pour in my beer. (My dad lets me drink beer but doesn’t like me drinking liquor after a couple bad experiences I’ve had in the past). I hate beer so it’s hard for me to get it down and get drunk, but thanks to Roy I was feeling REAL tipsy pretty quickly.

Roy was clearly getting a good buzz himself. His remarks in conversation were becoming much more insensitive. That’s about when he started getting more touchy with me.

My dad and his friend were talking to me about school from across the fire pit. I wasn’t paying attention when Roy put his arms behind his back to make a ‘V’ and lean on his hands. Throughout the night me and Roy were very lightly flirting, but enough so that our sides were pushed up close together. With his hand covered behind me, he softly dragged his fingertips along the skin of my back between my crop-top and shorts. His touch sent jolts through my spine. Just like that I was in heat; his directness was so exciting. Sex with dads boss was on my mind. He continued to lightly touch me, moving his fingers under my shirt and around my back. I was still mid-conversation with my dad and his friend, they had no idea. As my dad spoke to me his boss was secretly caressing me into a hot mess…and I was loving it.

As the night went on, Roy and I got drunker and MUCH more risky. After I let out a yawn Roy suggested I rest my head in his lap for a minute. We were taking it too far. It must have been embarrassing for my dad. There I was, his only daughter, with my head resting on Roy’s lap. I was lying on the log in the classic “reading a book under a tree” position. On my back with my knees up in the air, my feet on the end of the log. The back of my head relaxed on his crotch as he ran his fingers around my forehead and hair. His other hand softly tickled my cheek and neck. I was staring up into his eyes and he was staring right back. I had lost all sense of the campers around us. I was in pure bliss, quietly whispering and giggling with Roy as he pet me, telling me how pretty my eyes and face were. At one point my dad tried to intervene, after what must have been an awkward 15 minutes.

“Kelsey are you ok?

Without breaking eye contact with Roy I began to answer him.

“I think I’ll jus…,” Roy brought a finger to my lips to quiet me. I quivered at his touch.

I saw Roy look up quickly and I was knocked back into reality. I turned my head to see my dad storming off with his friend. I knew it wasn’t fair what I was doing to him, but I was putty in Roy’s hands at that point.

After my dad left we REALLY took it too far. Roy wasted no time. Once my father was out of site he slide his hand down my stomach and began to lightly tickle the area between my belly button and shorts. His fingers were gliding up and down, ever so gently, driving me wild. That’s about when Roy put me in another world. I had officially decided I had no shame anymore, despite my dad’s other friends who were literally a couple feet away, I would let Roy have his way with me. I wanted to have sex with dads boss. His touch was too alluring, I had no chance.

This part is a little blurry, and it’s the only part I really regret, but next thing I knew I was basically in Roy’s lap at the campfire. My legs were now draped over his left leg, my arms wrapped around his neck while he held me even closer with his other arm. Roy’s hand was now clearly rubbing the inside of my thigh. His face was close to my neck and ear, slightly nibbling but mostly whispering. He would whisper flirtatiously to me about how he lied to his wife to get here alone, how he would leave his wife for me, how much room he has in his tent, things like this but always said with a smile. “Wouldn’t you like to have sex with dads boss tonight? Daddy’s little girl, getting taken away from him by his mean old boss!” I was giggling like a schoolgirl and we were without a doubt making the circle feel uncomfortable. That’s when my dad walked back. It still really hurts that he saw me like that…

“Kelsey!” Shouted my dad, clearly panicked. The severity of the situation finally hit me as I watched my father’s mortified face, scrambling to find words.

“Roy! Get the hell away from my daughter right now!” My dad’s embarrassment had finally turned to rage as he marched over to us. He pulled me away as he spat obscenities in Roy’s face. Luckily, the PDA between me and Roy caused most of the other campers to get to their tents early, so not everyone saw my dad’s screaming fit.

My father and I walked back to our tent in silence. I was in disbelief at my lack of self-control. I couldn’t even begin to think about how my dad felt about it. Before we got to the tent Roy caught up to us. He was apologetic, begging my dad to just talk to him. I went inside to let them speak, but I could hear most of it. Basically Roy told my dad he was drunk and made a huge mistake. He told him he was a weak man and needed to get help. He said that he would stay away from both of us forever but he didn’t want him to quit because of it (tough job market, he’s already got good pay and benefits). Roy even said he could transfer him to another branch. Eventually I heard my dad say he couldn’t talk about this anymore, it was hurting him too much. Roy apologized one more time before heading back.

Once again in silence, I laid awake looking up at the tent ceiling while my dad was on his side facing away from me. Same position for two hours, he must have been asleep. After the adrenaline of the situation wore off, I found myself wishing I could be with Roy. He was so close. I was considering going to his tent but knew it was a bad idea. I figured he was done fooling around now anyway after what happened. I was wrong.

“Kelsey!”, I heard in a hushed whisper outside. “Are you awake? I have a surprise for you!”

I quickly, and very quietly, made my way out of the tent. I watched my dad to make sure I wouldn’t wake him, this was the last thing he needed to see right now. Roy was standing right outside when I crawled out.

“So what’s my surprise?” I asked playfully.

“I have a nice joint for us, there’s a good view of the lake over here.”

I’m not too big into smoking, but I do it every once in a while. I had gotten way too high the last couple of times and was pretty turned off to it, but there was no way I was going to tell Roy no. So we sat in the grass by the lake and he sparked it up. Not even halfway through the joint I was feeling way too high. I tried to tap out but he wasn’t letting me off easy. Roy coerced me into taking “one last hit” about 6 or 7 times. At this point I was on another planet high. It actually felt like I was dreaming.

“My legs are jello, I can’t make it back”, I told Roy, laughing uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll bring you back”, with that Roy scooped me up in his arms and we headed back to his tent.

“Your all mine now, Kelsey”, he said under his breath. I could see the sexual hunger in his eyes as he stared into mine. I was ready to be his. Ready to have sex with dads boss.

His tent was much larger than ours. The inside was covered with pillows and blankets. I was staring into his eyes like a lost puppy as Roy set me down in the middle of the tent. I had lost my flip-flops somewhere by the lake (also part of the reason he carried me) so I was now barefoot in his tent still wearing my crop-top and short jean shorts. He took a seat in front of me and began to massage my left foot. I’m a big fan of foot massages normally, but being this stoned made it feel heavenly. His big hands worked the arch while his thumbs kneaded the area just below my toes. I don’t think it’s normal during a foot massage, but he had me involuntarily moaning as my feet felt like butter in his hands. I’m probably spending too much time on this, but it sticks out to me. He fingers massaging in-between each toe… it was actually almost orgasmic.

Anyway, he continued up my leg massaging my calf and thigh of each leg. I was in a trance, my whole being just replaced by wave after wave of tingly pleasure throughout my body. It was such a great experience, his magical touch, his strong hands running over my legs as he told me how beautiful and perfect I was. Nothing mattered, I felt safe with Roy. I wanted to be his forever. I barely noticed as he tugged my shorts down my legs revealing the bikini bottom I had underneath it. He slowly untied it, while tickling around my waist. I laid there giggling. My feelings were beyond lust at this point, I was going to let Roy fully have his way with me this time.

He removed my shirt and bikini top leaving me fully naked beneath him. I playfully squirmed my body below him, stretching my arms above my head and twisting my waist. I knew how hot he thought I was and it made it all that more enticing for me. He is a least 50 and I was a pretty 19 year old blonde, fully submitting to him. This taboo of letting an older man use me as he pleases was fully brought to light when Roy began to strip down. His big hairy body and slight beer belly was a stark contrast to my smooth and tight physique. I wanted him to take me. I wanted it more than anything. I wanted to have sex with dads boss.

Finally he began to tease the outer lips of my pussy. His face was right up against mine when he started to thrust the top of his finger in and out of me. Roy pressed his mouth to mine roughly, parting my lips with his forceful tongue he began to kiss me deeply. I brought my hands to the back of his head, lightly tickling his neck as I kissed him back. Roy now had two fingers inside me, my loud moans muffled by his kiss. Sensing I was on the edge, Roy maneuvered his way between my legs. He leaned in to flick my clit with his tongue. I gripped the blankets on either side of me as Roy sent shudders of pleasure through my body. With my back arched I tensed up and screamed in pleasure as Roy gave me my first orgasm of the night.

I laid on the tent floor enjoying the after orgasm tingles. Just as I opened my eyes Roy was already in position to mount me. On his knees he had the head of his cock just barely brushing the entrance of my pussy. Without leaving his knees he leaned in close to my face, his cock inched forward so that just the tip was beginning to part my pussy lips; causing me to let out a slight gasp. He was now one motion away from being inside me. I am actually about to have sex with dads boss. It felt surreal.

“You really are so beautiful”, he whispered to me as he used a finger to slide my hair over and behind my ear. “I have no condom but I’ll pull out, don’t worry”.

“I’m on the pill. Just cum inside me”, I whispered back to him smiling. I was ready for sex with dads boss.

The look of joy in his eyes made my heart skip a beat. It felt so good to please him.

On his knees leaning over me he grabbed my shoulders with his thumb under my armpit giving him grip. He pinned me down like that as his cock slid past my soaking wet pussy lips. I wasn’t sure what to do since he was holding me down at arm’s length. I decided to just enjoy the fucking he was giving me. He picked up his pace really pounding into me. The love in his touch seemed to be replaced by urgency. He was getting what he wanted from me.

“Mmmm. That’s a good girl”, spoke Roy seductively, “let daddy take care of you.”

Hearing him say daddy took me to the next level. I was having sex with Dads boss and calling him daddy. He was opening doors to fantasies I would look into for months after. The only noise coming out of my mouth was short moans matching his strokes. (High sex is AMAZING!)

Roy’s hands traveled carefully around my neck. He massaged the back of my head while lifting it up off the ground towards him. He held me like that with both of his hands supporting my head while his thumbs massaged my temples. His rhythm became slower as he began to slide in and out of me more deliberately, drawing another round of loud moans from me. I couldn’t believe it. I’n my head I kept telling myself in disbelief “you’re having sex with dads boss, having sex with dads boss, having sex with dads boss“. The more I thought about it, the more it excited me.

Eventually Roy leaned into me and we were face to face once again. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, I never felt closer to someone. Roy was thrusting into me hard and fast, I was moaning uncontrollably, It felt so nice to fully submit like that to someone. I had no reservations with Roy. He was different than other boys I had slept with. We were fucking like animals.

“Roy you’re so amazing” I whispered into his ear between moans, intoxicated with lust. “I love you Roy.” I stared dreamily into his eyes, I actually had fallen in love.

I was having an orgasm when he came inside me, which was one of the most amazing feelings of my life. I don’t remember too much, but I am going to leave out some of the more intense things he said to me before he finished.

It was rough after this. My dad was not happy. I even had my brother confronting me, I don’t know how he got word. Straight up asked “Did you have sex with dads boss?” Of course I told him no. But I did have sex with dads boss. And I wasn’t going to stop having sex with dads boss because I was falling in love with him. He bought me things and the sex was incredible. One day I will tell him “I did have sex with dads boss, and I don’t regret it because he fucked me right.”

There was going to be more to this story… we fooled around a little more in the tent. I just wanted to get this one out since so many people were asking. If people still care I can tell more…

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