Trump Provides Aid To Cuba Amidst Irma

Hate him or love him, you have it admit it. Trump has been on fire these past two weeks.

Let’s quickly recap how he has handled Houston:

President Donald Trump has sent lawmakers a $7.9 billion request for an initial down payment for Harvey relief and recovery efforts.

The request, expected to be swiftly approved by Congress, would add $7.4 billion to rapidly dwindling Federal Emergency Management Agency disaster aid coffers and $450 million to finance disaster loans for small businesses.

The initial Harvey package is just the first installment for immediate disaster response like housing assistance, cleanup and FEMA-financed home repairs. The White House says more than 436,000 households have registered for FEMA aid.”ABC 13

Not only did he get an initial package together and approved by the House and Senate in under 36 hours, but after speaking with FEMA, he rush approved an additional $7.4 billion. If nothing else, he is handling things better than Bush did with Katrina. At least Houston be getting that Trump Irma aid. Trump has no experience in this presidency stuff. Foreign affairs are clearly being learned on the fly, but that makes sense given his background.

What Trump is good at, is throwing money around.

Well, he’s also good at putting his name and face on things.

And throwing the money is exactly what is needed when the choice becomes dollars or lives. We waste millions a year on shitty gym equipment that never gets used, letting people drown for financial reasons should never be even close to an excuse in this country. We have an increasing debt of 300 trillion dollars. Money is fake to us. Not saving peoples lives with it would be evil.

With Hurricane Irma ravaging Cuba, Trump has pledged to begin taking steps to provide aid to Cuba. So they are gonna be getting that Trump Irma aid money.

This decision is expected to be met with criticism by much of his base following. Many of his further-leaning right supporters voted Trump on his promise to put America first.

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