One Dead, Multiple Injured In Phoenix Riots

“Phoenix police kept most members of the two opposing groups behind barricades and apart on separate sides of the street. Officers wearing riot gear and carrying rifles sauntered through the lane between the sides.

Local authorities were vigilant in the aftermath of the deadly protests in Virginia and the president’s comments last week about both sides having blame for violence at the white supremacist rally. Mayor Greg Stanton had unsuccessfully called on the president to not hold the rally here so soon after the trouble in Charlottesville.

A haze enveloped the night sky Tuesday as protesters and police clashed outside the convention center where Trump had just wrapped up his speech. People fled the scene coughing as an officer in a helicopter bellowed through a speaker urging protesters to leave the area.

Officers responded with pepper spray to break up the crowd after people tossed rocks and bottles and dispersed gas, Phoenix police spokesman Jonathan Howard said. Four people were arrested on charges related to the protest, and one person was arrested on an unrelated warrant, Police Chief Jeri Williams said. Two officers were treated for heat exhaustion, she said.” — ABC News

So obviously going into this the city and the police knew just how crazy this was going to be. That would explain the fact that they even had all their militarized gear in the first place. Now supposedly the left “Antifa” group began throwing objects (such as glass bottles) at the police officers, which prompted a response of tear gas and rubber bullets.

Seems logical. But you hate to see it go this far. Police killing civilians is never the answer when it comes to quelling a protest.

Warning: The video below is graphic-


The man in this video is Charles Willows, 21, senior at Arizona State University. He was pronounced dead at 3:10 AM ET. Investigators are awaiting autopsy results but it is clear internal bleeding will be found as the cause.

EMS first responder Ethan Schwartz believes the death could have been prevented, “We were not alerted of the incident until 2 maybe 3 hours after it had happened… roads were a mess, to me it seems like a life could have been saved had we been able to get there sooner.”

As you can see from the video, the man is shot in the inner thigh, with the help of his friend he hobbles to the side where he collapses. The video pans and we see a militarized police force marching. Charles slowly bleed out and died on the curb, ignored amongst the chaos.

One thought on “One Dead, Multiple Injured In Phoenix Riots

  • August 24, 2017 at 2:25 PM

    So kicking the cannister out the way is a reason to shoot? I think he was shot out of vengeance rather than protecting the police. Shame on you all for condoning this senseless loss of life.


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