Donald Trump Visits Private Optometrist In NYC After Eclipse

Now, naturally I’m a little skeptical about accusations like this. But it’s not just the photos that make me believe, it’s the fact that we are talking about Donald Trump.

Do you imagine medical evaluations being uncommon for President Trump? Let’s be honest, he’s no spring chicken…

Donald Trump Age

OK, 71 isn’t that old, but any one past 65 is seeing a doctor often. Maybe it is only to get Viagra, but medical attention is needed as the body get’s weaker. It is modern humanity as we know it. That is why they have suggested ages to get certain checks, and why they have different warnings for risky activities depending on a persons age. Things like roller coasters, or looking into an eclipse with no shades.

And this is not just speculation. Trump broke down his reliance on medication and frequent doctor visits to CNN-
Here is what we learned about Trump’s health, according to the audience members who were inside “The Dr. Oz Show” taping:
  • Trump would like to lose some weight. “Trump said he should lose 15 to 20 pounds,” said audience member Sheldon Hosten.
  • So how much does Trump weigh, anyway? He’s 6’3″ and weighs 236 pounds, according to Villa’s recollection (some other publications said the weight mentioned at the taping was 267 pounds).
  • Trump is on Statins — drugs that help to lower cholesterol.
  • Presumably thanks to the drugs, Trump’s cholesterol level is now normal.
  • We all know Trump loves to play golf. Well, he wishes he were doing it more: “He said ‘yes,’ he would like to play golf more — he used to play more golf,” audience member Giulia Trojer said.
  • Trump also claimed he’s good enough to play with the PGA, according to audience member Kelly Platt.
  • Trump proudly eats a fair amount of fast food when he’s out on the road. According to Platt, Trump said he instructs the person picking up his food order to refrain from saying the food is for Trump — because he worries the food may be tampered with.

 –Excerpt From CNN’s piece Donald Trump Doesn’t Exercise

First thing I have to point out- You gotta love Trump having someone else talk to the common people of Burger King for him. You can call him crazy, but the guy clearly gets it. You’re damn right it would be tampered with Trump. I’d say at least 15% of fast food workers actually would kill him if they had the chance. And would if they could. That’s not even a joke, think about it that’s a realistic estimate. And trump gets that. He knows EXACTLY why he can’t walk into McDonald’s. Speaks volumes. I chalk his surprising street smarts up to his time spent in NYC.

I know you want me to bite on classic “Uncle Rico” moment, but I have nothing to say about his PGA comment. I really don’t, he has run me dry. He is either a troll or a narcissistic. I’m hoping it’s the former…that would be borderline respectable. Instead I will release this leaked frame from his highlight video.

donald trump climbing golf hill


Now long story short (for those who want the quick scoop), according to sources on Twitter, Donald Trump visited his optometrist in NYC shortly after the gathering for the Solar Eclipse. He had felt slight pain behind the eyes and was convinced by advisers into seeing the specialist. In the end, it was extremely mild retina damage. Nothing to worry about it, likely won’t even alter his eye sight in anyway.

A quick refresher for you before we delve into this one:

You have to love those people in the video down below telling him not to look. Like they knew it, it’s hysterical! It’s like they were bringing a 6th grader to see Gladiator and you tell them to close their eyes during that crazy scene , you tell him not to look up, but you know he’s going too.

donald trump pointing at eclipse









-Posted by @leyawn

Now the Times exaggerated this one a bit. Technically it is “permanent eye damage”, but they fail to mention how wide that margin is. Or how mild Trumps case ended up being. So we’ll have to get an experts opinion on this.

Most sources seem to suggest the mild retina damage will have little to no effect on his vision or livliehood in general. Just slight discomfort for  a day or two. However…Dr. Janelle Routhier doesn’t think President Trump is out of the woods just yet-

“One misconception about eclipses is that it is safe to stare at the sun because it’s more comfortable to do so when compared to a typical sunny day. Looking directly at the sun, for even a short time, can cause permanent harm to structures in the back of your eye and that damage is irreversible,” Dr. Janelle Routhier, Senior Director of Customer Development at Essilor tells Bustle. Not only can humans not see infrared rays coming from the sun, but we also have no pain receptors in our retinas, leaving us susceptible to permanent damage without even knowing it until its far too late. For people who decided to look directly at the eclipse, such as Trump, it can take a few hours or even a few days to realize the damage that has been caused.” Bustle

Doctor Janelle says Trump is going to have to monitor his recovery in the coming days to be sure it’s nothing serious

Oh but what else were you really expecting… Ladies and gentlemen.. The President of the United States!

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