A Crazy Liberal Threw Coffee In Alex Jones Face


“Alex Jones—the infamous conspiracy theorist/snake-oil peddler who runs Infowars—visited the largely liberal city of Seattle Friday. And when he decided to Periscope a rant about the media’s coverage of the deadly terror attack in Barcelona live from Seattle’s streets, he was predictably greeted with passersby who were less than pleased. To wit: About four minutes after the stream began, Jones was soaked in coffee and out of breath from chasing down pedestrians.” – NewsWeek

Alex Jones is one of those people that I really can’t read. Is he a troll? Is he really this passionate of a racist? Does he actually believe these conspiracy theories are is he just getting people riled up for cash?

Alex Jones Idiot

Or is he just an idiot?

If someone truly believe the government would stage an elementary school shooting (and poison the water to turn the frogs gay) then you should probably leave, how could you feel safe? That’s how you know this guy isn’t serious. He is a profiting panderer.

Before we delve deeper you can go ahead and check out this weeks hot clip that is Alex Jones getting splashed-

Opening line – “Go ahead on camera tell people intellectually who you are”

Intellectually who you are? Wtf does that mean??

This whole video is lunacy from the start. From every person involved. The only thing crazier is that I’m not the least bit surprised. Are we shocked that Alex Jones goes to liberal ass Seattle in attempt to trigger hipsters? Are we surprised that when confronted they can’t speak and have the comebacks of a middle schooler? And would anyone expect anything more than a middle schooler reaction right back from the experienced Alex Jones?

Like come on, don’t you do this for a living? Why are you still so poorly composed on camera. I don’t know who was harder to understand, you with after you short circuit, or the gremlin that stained your favorite Champion polo.

Also Alex, quit your bitching about the “hot” coffee. It’s not going to save you face by convincing us it was hot. The video keeps rolling. We see you after, you are fine. Only thing boiling is your ego in that frame.

Evidence of boiling seen when you accuse him of working for the Jihadists. That was a nice touch, Jones. Props.

ONE LAST TAKE- Hey Alex, I saw in your reaction video you wanted to “snuggle” with him? Are you sure it’s only the frogs turning gay?


alex jones gay frogs

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