Reports Indicate Trump Funded Liberal Twitter Accounts


Well we’ve just about heard it all I guess. It’s come full circle. The reason behind the madness that seemed too crazy to be true was just another money making scheme by the Donald. The whole time he was shaking it up he was shaking the money tree. That’s right, Trump funded liberal Twitter accounts.

This past Thursday we learned that leftover Trump campaign funds had been allocated to employees of Trump that had been “let go”. Traces of these funds have proven these past employees are still in frequent contact with President Trump. Two of the men to receive these funds now run multiple high-traffic liberal news sites as well as sponsor the most re-tweeted liberal Twitter pages online.

donald trump is a liberal

So is he pushing all these buttons just to drive traffic to his own projects? It is a genius idea really. First off, he knows exactly when he’s going to tweet so his contacts can be quick to jump on the ‘story’. Second, he can control the exactly how hard he wants to trigger the left. Post a tweet about transgenders not being allowed in the military. SJW’s storm to twitter and retweet all the top handles secretly owned by Trump co. They go and rant on their favorite blogs and forums, also owned by the Trump funded liberal Twitter accounts.

Let’s go few a through examples. All of the following tweets are from the past two weeks alone. He creates content for the liberal media so the outlets that he owns can pander to all the snowflakes reacting to his nonsense.

Exhibit A: Still talking about Hillary. That really gets the people made. Because not only was he being a sore loser before the election, now he is being a sore winner! Extra trigger bait.

Ranting and raving like the left love. Once you realize that Trump funded liberal Twitter accounts like the ones attacking his insensitive tweets, you realize it may all be an act!

And he also goes back to complaining the system is rigged…

And making up broken records…

But truly the best so far, the ultimate evidence of purposeful triggering for profit. He may not care about America, but at least we now know there is a method to his madness. (Too bad it’s just another method of his to get rich)

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