Can We Start Calling Aaron Judge The Messiah Now?

Is Aaron Judge the next Mickey Mantle?

I’ve been saying this for a while now.

Aaron Judge is the one.

I’ve been saying it. But I don’t know if I believed it. He’s on the Yankees, he’s super likeable, and he’s on my fantasy team. So sure, I talked him up. Now he has exceeded all my bullshit, which believe me is remarkable. He is becoming the unbelievable player that I promised all my friends he would become.

Now hes hitting the highest velocity hits ( some bs stat but I’ll take it if it makes my boy look good), he’s probably going to win ROY and MVP. You heard it here first. And on top of all that he hit a 500 foot homerun today.

Yesterday he pretended to not be hit with a fastball so he could stay up and drive in two runs. THATS HOW CONFIDENT AND READY HE IS TO BE THE FACE OF BASEBALL.

Right now he is trending 3 times on twitter. #AaronJudge #AllRise #JudgementDay

We all need to accept the greatness that clearly is right in front of us. All Rise!

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